This 10-Pose Yoga Routine Will Make You Sweat Like Crazy

Stretch and feel the burn.
PHOTO: Jean Saturnino

Let's get one thing clear: Yoga isn’t just about meditation (although that’s an essential part of the exercise). The amazing thing about yoga is that once you’ve mastered the flow of a routine, you can actually work up a sweat!

With the help of Pretty Darn Fit founder Nikki Torres, we bring you a 10-pose yoga routine that’ll push both beginner and seasoned yogis!

One round is when you do the entire sequence on both sides. On your first round, hold each pose for three breaths, and then attempt to flow through the next three rounds. You’ve got this!

VIDEO: Jean Saturnino

For more helpful tips on how to sustain a balanced lifestyle, check out Nikki’s website called Pretty Darn Fit and follow her on Instagram.

Special thanks to Hyatt City of Dreams Manila.

Hair and makeup by Elaine Ganuelas.

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