3 Ways To Get Away With Doing Everything But

A summer fling is fun, but know when to set your own limits. If you’d rather wait until you’re seriously dating before having sex with your new guy, Cosmo tells you how to draw the line.
1. Stroke His Ego
“Avoid telling your guy you’re not comfortable with him yet,” says Sandor Gardos, PhD, staff sexologist at www.mypleasure.com. Instead, assure him that you’d love to ravish his bod, but you’d rather know him better first.

2. Hook Up Like High Schoolers
This pause process isn’t about denying yourselves; it’s about exploring all of the other erotic options. “This is a great time to make the most of kissing and fondling,” says Gardos.

3. Keep The Underwear On
“It’s too easy to go over the edge when you’re naked,” warns sex therapist Gloria G. Brame, PhD. “Things will get so heated up that you’ll be forced to put the brakes on--which is frustrating, not fun.”
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