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4 Tricks For Organizing Your Closet

Does it take you forever to get ready in the morning? Make your daily fashion decisions easier by whipping your wardrobe into shape!

1. Separate work and play.

Pick up one set of hangers (say, pink plastic ones) for your strictly social, fun clothes that you’d never wear on the job, and another set (in a different color) for your work-only outfits. Try to get the same-size hangers, so your clothes will hang at a uniform height. When you're getting ready during the week, you'll know exactly where to look, instead of having to sift through your entire wardrobe.

2. Store "occasionally" items.

That formal dress you wear once every two years to a wedding? Don't keep it with the things you throw on regularly; it will just take up space and is one more item you'll have to riffle through to find what you're actually looking for. Put things that are rarely worn but that you want to keep--formal wear, sentimental items, costumey stuff, etc.--in a different closet or in a box under your bed. That way, they're out of the way, but you'll know exactly where they are when you need them.

3. Buy a few hooks.

Scarves and handbags are awkward to store. Since they tend to be bright and fun to look at, an easy solution is getting them out of the closet and hanging them up. Pick up a few hooks to screw into the wall next to your closet door. You can layer what you hang over each other--just make sure the prettiest stuff are at the front.

4. Color-code your knits.

Hangers stretch out knits, so fold them instead. But here's the trick: Put them in piles according to color to make getting ready much easier. Let's say you pick out black pants to wear and want to add something bright on top. You can then zero in on your pastel sweaters to find what works in a matter of seconds.

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