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Cosmo Confessions: What Did You Do The Last Time You Faked A Sick Leave?

So. Many. Netflix. Marathons.
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When was the last time you took a sick leave? Were you hanging on for dear life, clutching a tissue box and some antibiotics? Or did you really just want to breathe, take a break from work, and spend time with yourself or your loved ones? Unfortunately, unless you work for a company that prioritizes your mental health, your boss probably won't *accept* an SL unless you're physically sick. So, for our next batch of #CosmoConfessions, we asked our readers: What did you do the last time you ~faked~ a sick leave?


For some, it was time to catchup on their shows.

  • "Two words: Netflix marathon."
  • "Called in sick, told my boss I had a fever [so I wouldn't] be able to [go] to work. I faked it for three days [to stay] at home to watch a lot of Netflix series, K-dramas, YouTube [videos with] food deliveries from FoodPanda and GrabFood."
  • "The first time [I faked an SL], I just watched all the TV I wanted at home—all day. The second time I did it, I did my Christmas shopping for an entire day. Looks like I'm gonna do the latter again. Ssshhhhhh."
  • "I just locked myself up in my house for two days—to eat, sleep, and watch movies, over and over again. Haha! The best two days of my life. The next day, I had to act like I was still a bit down."

And for others, it's a different kind of marathon! ;)

  • "Faked a sick leave to stay with my FUBU (fuck buddy) the whole day and yes, we did a lot of f-ing."
  • "I got a new sex toy and decided I didn't want to wait until my schedule cleared up before I got to use it. Inspired by Samantha Jones, I told my boss I had to deal with something at home (totoo naman, lol), lit some candles, played some sexy music, turned my aircon on, made sure I had a lot of liquids, and masturbated all day. I watched a lot of porn, too. You better believe I was passed out by 8:00 p.m. and was feeling refreshed and positive at work the next day."
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Sometimes, you just need extra VLs.

  • "I went to Tagaytay with my hubby for a [road trip] and continued my 'sick leave' until the weekend and went to Puerto Galera!"
  • "I faked [having] pink eye! I went on a five-day trip to Balabac, Palawan with my colleague! It was worth it! Of course, I had to put on a lot of sunscreen but it was almost the monsoon season, so it helped that it rained."
  • "Went on a road trip to La Union and Vigan!"
  • "I had a vacay planned with my fam in Japan, but it's so hard to file a leave for a week. So on the day of our flight, I called the office to say that I had sore eyes. My boss even asked me not to come in until my eyes were fully healed! Voila, a one-week vacay."

Korea on her mind.

  • "I extended my vacation in South Korea for 10 days. I pretended to have [been in] an accident (a sprained ankle). The worst part is, I never got paid because I couldn't submit a medical certificate. Ang laki non, besh! But the experience was sooo worth it!"

That #ARMY love!

  • "I attended a BTS concert, hehe!"