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11 Money-Saving Tips That Actually Work, According To Pinays

'Have a quota for online shopping.'
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One of the most difficult things about ~adulting~ is dealing with money, amirite? Every time sweldo comes in, I'm always so torn between wanting to save and wanting to treat myself. Raise your hand if you can totally relate! I know it's good to strike a balance between the two and it can be done, but honestly, the struggle is *so* real! (I'm lookin' at you, e-commerce sites and Instagram shops.) With all these aesthetic home decor and pretty plantsmedyo mahirap talagang hindi madala, LOL. 

How To Make Your Sweldo Last During Times Of Emergency

But kidding aside, the sad reality is that we're in a middle of a pandemic. Now, more than ever, it's important to make wise decisions when it comes to handling your money. Perhaps it's time to finally start thinking about having a strict budget for online shopping (or even holding back on it in general), getting a passbook account, building an emergency fund, and more. If you ever need help, we gotchu! We recently discovered videos about money by Yani Moya, a certified life coach and licensed finanial coach who uses TikTok to share her expertise in personal finance. (You can watch a few of them here.)

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In fact, we also asked girls from our Cosmo Community to share their best practices on how to save. These are pretty helpful and you just might want to take on these habits yourself! 

Below, we rounded up some uselful money-saving tips from from Pinays.

  • "If you can easily cook it at home, don't buy it outside." -Kate

  • "When it comes to personal hygiene products, it helps to slice bars of soap into three para pang matagalan. For shampoo and conditioner, buy the bottles na one liter—aabot yun ng isang buwan. Load is sometimes now intended for surfing the net. Instead of loading for internet, use it for essentials like calling and texting. My personal tip is if I do not need it, I will not buy it. If ever I will buy it, I have to make sure that it will last long." -Leah

  • "Add to cart but don't check out right away. Think first if you really need it." -Jennifer

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  • "Have a quota for online shopping, LOL." -Nikki

  • "Pay yourself first. Save up for a contingency fund, but don't forget to treat yourself, too. Barter. Pay it forward." -Vina

    money saving tips - woman holding credit card, computing bills, budgeting

    "Learn how to cook. 'Wag i-master ang 10-step Korean skincare routine. Keri na ilang products lang. Consider using reusable cotton pads and napkins! You can also use menstrual cups. Set up an emergency fund. I personally set aside a part of my salary for future investing." -Sandra

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  • "For long term investment, invest sa stock market." -Rochelle

  • "Always transfer money from your salary to your savings agad so you don't spend it." -Pam

  • "It's a lot cheaper to cook vs. order via food delivery apps. It’s tempting but I saw how our credit card bill shot up with just regular milk tea orders (three orders lagi na roughly P450 to P500 total tapos twice a week). What more if every meal naka delivery.

    I’ve been doing this since I got married but it’s a good habit to start: Buy your usual products in the largest size, or the biggest refill size for liquid detergent or fabcon and dishwashing liquid especially if you have the same variant’s bottle or any bottle you can reuse. Our shampoo, conditioner, mouthwash, my feminine wash, powder detergent, and even tissue rolls are always the largest size kasi cheaper lumalabas. For toothpaste, if not the largest, usually may bundles sila na buy one take one so I get that regardless of the variant." -Anya

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  • "Always assess your why to the purchase. People are prone to spending these days because it's a quick way to alleviate stress. So, get to the root of your issue. Whether it's the feeling of lack of control of your life or sadness, find a better way to give that a long term solution rather than purchase items as a very expensive Band-Aid." -Jopie

  • "If it's not an essential, don't buy it. Period." -Nicole

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