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*Cheugy* Is The Word People Are Using When 'Basic' Just Won't Do

Today, in TikTok news...
What does cheugy mean?

Another day, another TikTok lesson that'll make you go, huh? For years, millennials have been using "basic" to describe someone who conforms to certain trends or something that's pretty generic. It largely has a negative connotation but over the years, some people have learned to ~embrace~ this label (read: basic and proud).

What does "cheugy" mean?

But these days, a different word's been making rounds on the Internet: "cheugy." Pronounced chew-gee, yes, with a hard G, it's used to describe "someone who is out of date or trying too hard." And guess what? They're mostly talking about our tastes, millennials. 

23-year-old Gaby Rasson is the one credited for this term. Apparently, she started using this word back in 2013 because "she wanted a way to describe people who were slightly off trend. But she couldn’t quite come up with the right term, so she created her own." People from her school started using the word and it blew up recently, thanks to TikTok. So what was "cheugy" in 2013? Perhaps an art print of the words "live, laugh, love"?


The thing is, this term is so subjective that one person can find pretty lattes and Instagram walls "cheugy", while someone else could think they're still really cool (or at the very least, normal). Plus, the list keeps changing!

In many articles, for example, they say Gucci belts with the big "GG" are cheugy. Saying words like "adulting" and "doggo"? Cheugy. Phrases like "I did a thing" and "all the feels"? Cheugy! 

Well, I'm convinced we all have a little "cheug" in us because I simply refuse to stop saying "doggo." 


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