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Where To Buy Korean Corn Dogs, AKA Your New Favorite Snack

They’re huuuuuuuge.
PHOTO: Instagram/goraehotdogphilippines, Instagram/dogsanddairies

Street food is one of the many things that South Korea is famous for. Some of our faves are: tteokbokki (spicy rice cakes), kimbap (Korean rice roll wrapped in seaweed), and odeng (fish cakes), to name a few! Aside from the fact that the ones we mentioned are *super* yummy, they're also convenient to get, since they're available in almost all K-bbq restos and Korean convenience stores. But today, we’re putting the spotlight on a treat that’s often seen in K-dramas and movies but not so much in the Philippines—Korean corn dogs. Hospital Playlist fans, you can remember this as one of U-ju’s favorite snacks!

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This popular snack is not your usual hotdog on a stick dipped in batter: They’re huge, have *extra* toppings, and will certainly leave you full. Deep-fried to perfection, these Korean corn dogs are filled with hotdog, cheese, or both, and toppings can go from white sugar, potatoes, or even ramen noodles. If you want an idea of what it tastes like, just imagine a next-level hotdog sandwich, but make it crunchy and fancy. Now for a visual representation:

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We know you’re craving for one now, so if you want to get a taste of South Korea at home, here’s where you can get Korean corn dogs:

1. Dogs and Dairies


This Korean corn dog shop offers a lot of varieties that you can choose from. They also introduced ube cheese corn dogs (a fusion of Korean and Filipino flavors), and even squid ink mozza corn dogs (for seafood lovers)! Order a box of five for P350.

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2. Gorae Hotdog Philippines


South peeps, rejoice! You can get a taste of Korean corndogs from this shop. Enjoy a delicious sweet and savory combo with every bite! The corndogs also come with a mustard and cheese dip, and other Korean condiments. Price ranges from P50 to P100. They also have boxes available that you can share with your family!

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3. Corndog 28


Cheese lovers, you will definitely enjoy Corndog 28’s full mozzarella and full mozzarella potato Korean corn dogs that start at P70! Pair it with tomato ketchup and their homemade honey mustard sauce, and you’re sure to order again soon.

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4. 101 Korean Hotdog


If you’re from the South, you can easily have Korean corn dogs delivered to your doorstep! Located at Ayala Malls Manila Bay, 101 Korean Hotdog offers four flavors: Classic, potato, mozarella, and cheddar. If you’re going to order, might as well go for all four (which costs around P460)!

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5. Chung Chun Rice Corndog


North peeps, this one’s for you: Chung Chun Rice Corndog is originally from South Korea, and has branches in Quezon City. With nine options to choose from, the entire fam will definitely enjoy merienda time. Price starts at P69.

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6.  Korean Corndogs PH

While they offer massive Korean corn dogs, this store also has mini versions that are too cute to resist! Aside from mozzarella and hotdogs, you can also go for their spam-filled Korean corn dogs and Angus beef franks for P85 to P100. And if you’re feeling extra, why not add some honey-cured bacon?

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