Gorgeous Girls Celebrate Flawless Beauty, Inside And Out

Cosmo and beauty brand Pond's come together to campaign for confidence.

Last week, Pond's launched its latest series of episodic TV commercials for the Flawless White campaign called "The Diary." It's the story of a smart, talented, but shy magazine intern named Carrie who is in love with the publication company's boss, Jack. Naturally, there's always something in the way of his noticing her. Mean Girl Beauty Editor Megan, for one, and Carrie's own lack of confidence in her beauty and in herself.

Does she get her happily ever after? You'll have to wait for the TVCs to find out.

Carrie might be fictional, but her story isn't. There are a lot of girls out there who are a little too shy to shine, and Pond's is all about bringing out their inner beauty and helping them become more confident about (and in) their skin.

The campaign doesn't end with the TVC. Pond's has partnered up with Cosmo to promote beauty inside and out, helping women become more fun and fearless. To do this, Cosmo Editor-in-Chief Zo Aguila and former Beauty Editor Mariel Chua took three interns under their wing to teach them as much as they can about the magazine industry. Pond's and Cosmo, with their partners Emphasis salon and fashion brand Plains & Prints, are also giving seven lucky Cosmo readers the makeover of their lives.

Pond's and Cosmo are committed to helping women reach the fullest of their potential when it comes to their beauty and talent. And everyone knows nothing's sexier than confidence!

Click the Gallery button below to check out who went to the event, and to meet the three lucky ladies who have just joined the Cosmo family.

Watch our video coverage of the event here, and visit the interns' very own microsite within Cosmo.ph by clicking on this link.

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