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What To Do When You Want A Home Garden But Don't Know Where To Start

It’s called Hijau and they have three subscription options.

Left and right, people have been buying plants for their new indoor gardens. And if you're going to be honest with yourself, a part of you has been dying to join in all the fun. Having plants around can reduce your stress and generally boost your mood. But where do you start? Before the pandemic, you could've gone to the nearest shop to pick up a succulent or a mini tree, but doing that isn't exactly easy these days. On the other hand, with so much information online, it's hard to know where to start. 

Enter Hijau, a monthly subscription box that'll help you in your journey to becoming the best plantita you can be. The brains behind Hijau are Camille Flores De MayoEunice Sucaldito, and Joseph Tusay, three friends who used to all love to buy plants from Baguio before the lockdown. 

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In an email interview with Cosmopolitan, Camille explained the meaning of their business name, Hijau: "We wanted to come up with a simple but unique name. So we fell into a rabbit hole of research and eventually into reading about the origins of gardening and farming in the Philippines. Hijau is a direct translation of the word green in the Malay language. The Malays were skilled potters, weavers, and they introduced formal farming and gardening to the Filipinos long before the Spanish arrived." And according to their social media pages, all their plants are outsourced from local businesses and nurseries.

So how does it work?

There are three subscription options: Isarog (three months), Peñablanca (six months), and Sierra Madre (nine months). Each box is curated to the customer's budget, preference, and the subscription you decide on. 

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How much are the subscriptions?

  1. Isarog - P1,500/month for three months
  2. Peñablanca - P1,200/month for six months
  3. Sierra Madre - P999/month for nine months

All the details can be found in Hijau's Instagram Story Highlights under "Rates" so you know what you'll be receiving per package. Their goal is to teach you all about plant parenthood—it's more than just sending you gorgeous greenery—so don't expect to receive a plant each month. There may be times when you're sent gardening tools or accessories. 

Out of all the subscription options, Hijau's most popular package is the Sierra Madre. Camille said, "We think that it maybe due to the fact that it has the cheapest monthly rate and it includes hard-to-find plants. So it would be like paying installment for your rare plant wishlist."

For more details, visit Hijau's Facebook page and Instagram account


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