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The Checklist You Need When You *Finally* Decide To Organize And Tidy Up Your Things

So you can finally start redecorating your room!
How To Declutter
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Decluttering can be an overwhelming task. There are times when get discouraged to do it because we get tired just by thinking of it. Since regular spring cleaning has to be done to keep your place neat and orderly, we created this simple guide that will help you easily get rid of kalat. By dividing your stuff into categories, you'll find the task more doable. It won't just be one giant thing you need to cross off your list. Screenshot or print our guide below before you start tidying up.

  1. Clothes that don't fit you anymore.

    Girl, go easy on yourself. There's nothing wrong with sizing up. It's more important to feel confident and comfortable in your outfit. Size is just a number or letter on a label. (We discuss more of closet decluttering here.)

  2. Shoes that are too painful to use or don't go well with your current wardrobe.

    Same reason as above.

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  3. Tattered curtains, tablecloth, pillowcases, bedsheets, and blankets

    You know you can't use them anymore so they need to be disposed of. Plus, these items are bulky, and letting go of them will free up a lot of storage space.

  4. Old books

    If you have no intention of rereading them, it's time to give them a new home. Ask around—maybe somebody has been searching high and low for a particular book that's been resting on your shelf for years.

  5. Everything in *that* junk drawer

    You haven't touched those items in maybe a decade. You don't need them. Just check if there are valuables like jewelry or anything that contain your contact information before throwing away everything.

  6. Empty bottles of shampoo and conditioner

    You may not notice at first, but your bathroom may have unnecessary items in it! Check for empty or expired products. (Same goes with your makeup!)

  7. Plastic containers from takeout food

    We're all of reusing plastic items, but if they're too many, they must go. To prevent this from happening again, bring your own container when buying food!

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  8. Expired food.

    Whether its leftovers in the fridge or super old cans in the pantry, these are just taking up space.

  9. Broken appliances

    When an old fan, toaster oven, turbo broiler, or any appliance is beyond repair, it's time for them to exit your house.

  10. Stuff you hate to clean or see

    When you can't touch a certain item, say a really gross plastic tub filled with spoiled food and an unidentifiable colony of organisms, ditch it. It's not worth the effort. Also, if you can't stand seeing a certain piece of decor, just give or throw it away.

Congratulations! You've gotten rid of unnecessary items. You have accomplished half of the job. The important thing you should remember now is to consume less so you won't accumulate the same amount of clutter again. It's important to be mindful of what we're taking inside of our homes. These accumulate space physically and mentally—a clear surrounding reduces brain clutter! You'll feel more relaxed and you can function better when your house is in order.

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