How To Make ME-Time The Best EVER

Even the most social chicks occasionally find themselves flying solo. Take full advantage of your time alone with these tips and tricks.

At A Party

As soon as you walk into a soiree, seek out the host and say hello...then follow up by asking him or her to introduce you to some of the other guests in the room.

If he or she is too frenzied to help you make the rounds, hit the bar. A drink in your hand will make you feel less free-floating. Plus, the bar is a place where people venture alone to grab a cocktail, so you'll find more opportunities to start up a conversation with another guest. (Think: "Have you tried the strawberry martini?")

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At The Movies

To avoid staring silently at a blank screen for 15 minutes pre-movie, walk in right after the trailers have started. Since you're alone, it'll be easy to find a seat.

However, if you do have to get there early because it’s a sold-out show, bring a magazine or book to read while you wait.

Buy yourself a combo with popcorn, candy, and soda. Sure, it's gluttonous, but there's no way you'd order all that if you were with a friend or beau.

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At A Dinner Party

Offer to help the host in the kitchen, whether it's arranging hors d’oeuvres or chopping tomatoes. It'll give you something to do so you’re not standing around trying to figure out how to jump in on a conversation.

Flirt just a little with the male guests, since men tend to be more receptive to a woman alone. If their wives/girlfriends look annoyed, throw them a genuine compliment. That way they'll know that you're not after their men.

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The Daring Female's Guide to Ecstatic Living, and communications expert Susan Roane, author of the audiobook Roane's Rules: How to Make the Right Impression

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