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#Throwback: 20 Cute Instagram Captions For Those Baby Pics Of Yourself

Sassy since birth, obv.
instagram captions for throwback baby pics
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Now that you're spending so much time at home, chances are naghalungkat ka na ng mga gamit mo. Those old pencil cases from grade school? Found them. The cards you made for your parents when you could barely write? They're all in a clear, plastic envelope. And the photo albums your mom lovingly put together when you were just a bb? Ang dami!!! So if you're feelin' equal parts nostalgic and cute, here are some baby photo captions you can use for your next post. 

Best baby photo captions:

  1. Maybe she was born with it. Full stop.
  2. Just wishing I was there again.
  3. She's a throwback.
  4. The best of me is yet to come. 
  5. I was cute but somehow, I got even cuter. 
  6. Some things will always be the same. 
  7. BRB, time-traveling back to my childhood pic.
  8. Always knew I was destined for cuteness.
  9. Take me back to those better days.
  10. If I had a time machine, this is where I'd go.
  11. On this day, a queen was born.
  12. Sassy since birth, obv.
  13. Everything I'll ever need is in this picture.
  14. A throwback to better times and even better memories.
  15. Here's an oldie but a goodie.
  16. BRB, reliving this day.
  17. I decided to throw it ~*all the way*~ back.
  18. Me to me: Keep doing you, bb. 
  19. "Old enough to know better but still young enough to get away with it."
  20. "We age not by years, but by stories." -Maza-Dohta
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