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My Online Tarot Card Reading Helped Me Understand Why I Couldn't Break Some Bad Habits

It was like talking to a friend who helps you see things from an unbiased perspective.
What Happens In A Tarot Card Reading
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(This is a long story about my "relationship" timeline with tarot card readings. Skip to the fourth paragraph if you want to know what happened during my online tarot card reading!)

When I was younger, I was scared of trying anything that would allow anyone to "see" my inner self, so I resisted interacting with clairvoyant friends. I would tell them not to say anything if they sensed a vibe in me. I didn't want to hear it. I was bottling up a lot of things, and I didn't think it would be a great idea if anyone found out.

What changed my perception of clairvoyance was one time when I had a tarot card reading way back in 2014. It wasn't planned—I happened to be in the same place and the same time with a tarot card reader. He discussed the possible future and the present time as well. He "saw" the situation my relationship was in, and he gave the most likely outcome in my career. I didn't take what I heard from him seriously because I was aware that his visions were just a guide, and never set in stone. But let's just say that after two years, I was in a great place in my career, and I was happily single. "Cool coincidence," I thought.

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From then on, I found myself always fascinated by tarot card readings. I was convinced that we are all energies and the Universe senses what's in our minds. I never got another reading, but I enjoyed having conversations with friends who got annual readings.

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In August 2020, I had a chance to have a tarot card reading session with The High Priestess. I felt it was about time that I got one, especially in the middle of a pandemic. She set a scheduled Zoom call with me one weekend, and I was excited to see what life had in store for me.

I won't share all the details, but let's just say that it made me feel optimistic. I was thrilled to find out that all the ~work~ I've been investing in myself was finally bearing fruit. (I've been learning about mindset management for almost a year now but that's another story!) I began to recall how I was emotionally and mentally in August 2019, and I was a totally different person. I still have a long way to go, but things are definitely better. From this reading, I believed that despite everything that's going on in the world, there are beautiful things I can still look forward to.

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It was therapeutic, too. There were some aspects in my life that were hard to understand—recurring cycles and old (bad) habits that I stay away from but keep coming back to. No matter how much I manage my mindset and feelings, I couldn't take myself away from these situations. It dawned on me that I must learn to accept things that are beyond my control.

A session with The High Priestess was like talking to a friend who helps you see things from an unbiased perspective. I unpacked a lot of emotions and evaluated my current situation. A month after my tarot card reading, one particular "bad habit" I was so scared of turned out not to be so awful at all. Once I accepted it and let things unfold, I felt better and lighter.

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(Ed's note: Tarot card readings do not dictate what will happen in the future. These may serve as guidance or give clarity to certain situations that may be boggling your mind. You still have your free will and intuition.)

Since I'm now this super fan of tarot card readings, I just had to ask The High Priestess ~pressing~ questions. Maybe her answers will convince you to finally give it a shot!

Most people think of tarot card readings as a form of fortune-telling. Can you enlighten us on this misconception?

The High Priestess (THP): Predicting one's future can happen during a reading through the multiple possible outcomes depicted by the reader basing on the cards they pulled for you. But unlike the stereotypes we see in pop culture, tarot reading does not just necessarily predict what lies ahead but essentially helps you live your life better by illuminating you through the messages and symbols of the cards in order for you to achieve a beautiful future. Ultimately, the magic of tarot reading lies within you and your actions.

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What should one expect during a tarot card reading?

THP: Expect a lot of learning and realizations about one's self! Tarot reading helps you connect with your Higher Self and helps you reflect on your past, assess your present, and plan for your future. You will come out of the reading renewed and empowered.

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We see a lot of tarot card reading videos on YT, is it true that if the general readings resonate for us, it is for us?

THP: Generally, I would say yes. There’s always a reader that would be an adequate pair for our energy. All of the readers that I follow on YouTube are always on point regarding what is going on in my life. To each their own. I feel like you need to find a reader that has the same frequencies as you in order for both of you to connect and their readings to truly resonate with you.

Do you recommend a particular time of the year or moment when a person should have a reading (birthday, new job, etc)

THP: You can have a tarot reading anytime. I read for myself whenever I start my day just so I have an idea of what to keep in mind and expect that day. It really depends on the person when they want to have a tarot reading. Some of the clients I’ve had do it on their birthdays, perhaps in times of confusion or when they need to make a difficult decision. Some even depend on their reading on the phases of the moon. But for me, the best time to get a tarot reading is when you have a question or you are in need of guidance.

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Any advice on how we can elevate our vibe, especially when we're experiencing a lot of negative things and when we're flooded with negative thoughts?

THP: Always remember that whatever it is you put out, you get back. The universe always hears our thoughts so it is integral for us to be mindful of the things we unconsciously manifest. Always keep in mind that the universe took its time creating you in order for you to create magic in this world. Do not feel lonely because the universe is inside you. You are stardust. You are created beautifully and with intention. Keep manifesting your dreams because the universe is there to back you up.

What are the little things we can do to ~clean the energy of a room? (shooing away negative energy)

THP: Simply look around your space; your room is like a reflection of your mind. Does your room need decluttering? Dusting? You will find that simply cleaning is already an excellent form of meditation that also allows you to remove any sort of negative thoughts or energies.

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Aside from that, you can also do smudging where you light up either a Palo Santo or Sage and set your intentions as you smoke the room. This is also a great way to attract positive energy.

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How long should a reading session last and how much does it usually cost?

THP: I allow at least 45 minutes for an in-depth general tarot reading session which costs P700. I aim to read every card thoroughly and make room for the questions that my querents may have in mind. But it usually depends on the kind of reading. Some readings can be done in 30 minutes or less.

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What can you advise people who want to learn to read tarot cards themselves?

THP: First of all, be open and excited about the learnings of the tarot! Trust your intuition; don’t rely on the books just yet! You will find that just by looking at the images you will formulate the meaning of the cards which is also a perfect practice for your intuition as well. You will also begin to form a bond and connection with the cards in the process. Embrace the magic of your psyche!

You can DM The High Priestess on Instagram for a private tarot card reading—she also conducts free IG Live readings, too!

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