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The Two Zodiac Signs You Should Date If You Want To Be A Power Couple

We break it down for you.
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Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a machine where you could input your and your partner’s information and have it spit out your exact love compatibility match? While that’s yet to be invented (get on it, scientists!), you can make a reasonable prediction about general relationship compatibility using astrology if (IF) you have the right info. Which, as it happens, you’re about to.

First things first: How can astrology determine love compatibility? The general rule is that signs of the same element go together the best, and signs of the same duality tend to go well together too. So the fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) pair well together, the earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) tend to get along, the air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) share harmonious energy, and the water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) usually have smooth sailing together.

Now, on to the signs. 

Aries: Sagittarius and Gemini

Both Sag and Gems need puh-lenty of space and independence, just like Aries. Fiery Aries is brash and crazy enough to keep Sags/Gems entertained, which they really need in a relationship because if any of these signs ever feel bored or like the relationship has become stagnant, they’ll jump ship without a regret.

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Sagittarius also has a competitive streak, just like Aries, and is able to turn everything into a game to be won and doesn’t mind letting Aries be the winner from time to time. They can also handle Aries’ short temper because Sagittarius is the one sign that’s best at being able to forgive and forget.

Taurus: Cancer and Capricorn

Cancer is good at moving at a slow pace with Taurus, and both hate surprises and are huge fans of comfort. Taurus is more of a lover of luxury (like wearing a cashmere sweater or napping on a super soft mattress with 500-thread-count Egyptian cotton sheets and goose-feather pillows) and Cancer is just fine staying at home and chilling with their boo.

On the complete opposite end of the spectrum, Capricorn is great because they understand Taurus’s very cut-and-dried style of thinking and respect Taurus’s work ethic and determined attitude. Both are earth signs, which tend to be materialistic, and their love language is gift-giving, so they both have a great time with birthdays/gift-giving season/anniversary presents! If you never want to feel salty over unequal birthday gifts, hook up with a Cap stat.

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Gemini: Aries and Aquarius

Both Gemini and Aries have a youthful, optimistic, sometimes naive personality and are the types that love “the chase” and play games with each other before “officially” dating. The only issue with these two is that they lack long-range vision and have a hard time committing, but they have such outgoing and exciting personalities that they can keep each other entertained and refresh each other’s interest so things never get stale.

Geminis are also good with Aquariuses, IMO, because Aquarius has such a multifaceted and genuinely unique personality that Geminis are always fascinated with picking an Aquarius’s brain. Aquarius is a fixed sign, which tends to be stubborn and verrrrry loyal, so they’re able to lock down a committed relationship with a Gemini. Plus, both are air signs and Aquarius are great listeners, which is fabu because Geminis looove to talk.

Cancer: Scorpio and Virgo

I will always say that Cancers and Scorpios have the best compatibility ever of all time, point-blank period. They have the most emotional depth out of all the signs and value commitment more than anything else, so they can forge deeply emotional, soul-level bonds with one another. They both want to become entangled with their lover, so even if they break up, there’s always a piece of the other that stays with them forever.

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Cancers are also great with Virgos, as Cancers take on the nurturing, loving, emotional role in the relationship and Virgo takes care of Cancer through acts of service and also loves a partnership that they can work on and improve forever and ever. Cancers provide a safe space for wired, tightly wound Virgos to let themselves be emotional and relax for once and are suuuper appreciative of all the little things Virgos do for them—and really, gratitude is all that a Virgo asks for!

Leo: Libra and Aquarius

Leo...can be really self-absorbed and egocentric at times, and Libra, being the sign of relationships, is able to stroke Leo’s ego and thrive while doing it. Libras also work best with a partner in crime and Leos have such abundant natural talent and creativity and huge personalities that Libra can always find something to play off of when they’re with a Leo.

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Another good match for Leo is Aquarius, pretty much for the same reasons, but Leos and Aquariuses are both so GD stubborn that when they get in a fight, it’s like an unstoppable force (a fiery Leo’s attitude) meeting an unmovable object (Aquarius’s constant determination to be right all the time). But when they’re both on the same page about something, they’re really unstoppable together.

Virgo: Cancer and Capricorn

Virgos go great with Cancers (see above) because they both want longevity in relationships and Cancer has the emotional depth and sincerely nurturing traits that are perfect for this. Virgos are also fiercely sarcastic and critical so whenever someone is giving their Cancer partner shit, it’s Virgo who knocks that person down a few pegs and defends their boo. Cancer is pretty nonconfrontational and would rather sidestep away from any drama as opposed to facing it head-on, but when it comes to someone fucking with someone they love, the claws come out and they’ll do a n y t h i n g to protect their loved one.

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Capricorns, another earth sign, also go really well with Virgos as they’re both goal-oriented, especially in regards to career. Virgo is a meticulous perfectionist and will do anything to help their Capricorn make sure every single detail is perfect in their projects/presentation for work. In turn, Capricorn is able to support and encourage Virgo’s personal goals, pushing them to grow and succeed and offering plenty of encouragement along the way—ideal since Virgos can normally struggle with self-confidence and typically put others before themselves. Both also tend to be perfectionists who hold their partners to super-high standards and this is the one pairing where expectation and reality have the best chance of matching up here.

Libra: Leo and Taurus

Leos have huuuge personalities, which works really well with Libras. Leos are so assured in their convictions and great at making choices that they can help Libra out with overcoming their indecisiveness. Libras are also very open-minded and can see a situation from multiple perspectives, so when a Leo just can’t understand why someone else isn’t seeing things their way or why someone made a choice that conflicts with their interests, Libras can gracefully explain to their Leo partner the reasoning behind it and help give them a broader perspective.

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Libras also pair well with Tauruses—which is a weird combination because on the surface, it might seem like they have literally nothing in common. And yet! Libras and Tauruses are both ruled by the planet Venus, which is the planet of love, beauty, and pleasure, and the Venusian energy they share helps them get along really well. Libras can help Tauruses get out of the house or the office and let loose and have fun at a party, and Taurus is probably the most loyal sign and will always stand by their Libra partner and encourage them to make solid decisions on their own.

Scorpio: Cancer and Virgo

Again, since Scorpio and Cancer are both ride-or-dies when it comes to emotions, this is one of the best pairings ever. (See Cancer and Scorpio above for more.)

Another sign that Scorpio can vibe with really well is Virgo. Scorpios hate to open up and won’t give you 1 percent of themselves until they know for a FACT you’re actually interested in them, and Virgos give 200 percent of their time and energy to someone they care about. Scorpios are suuuper perceptive and will notice all these acts of service that their Virgo partner does for them (which other signs usually don’t pick up on or acknowledge). They’re great at understanding that above all else, Virgo wants to feel like their partner needs them around to be helpful, so Scorpios will always show gratitude to their partner, which means the WORLD to a Virgo.

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Sagittarius: Aries and Gemini

Aries and Sagittarius are both fun-loving, competitive, and always doing something fun together. Aries always has to win, and even though Sagittarius love to play games and win too, they’re mostly concerned with having a good time and turning every day into a memorable, fun experience, whether they win or lose. Sagittariuses are always on the go and they need plenty of breathing room and freedom to move around, and since Aries is so independent, Sagittarius has free reign to do whatever TF they want without worrying about their S.O. coming along and not being able to keep up.

Geminis are also good matches for Sagittariuses because they both looooove to learn. A Gemini and a Sagittarius can talk for hours (if not days) about topics that, to others, might seem weird or out there, and both will stay completely fascinated and engaged the entire time.

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Capricorn: Virgo and Taurus

Virgo and Capricorn make a great pair because they’re both über hard-working earth signs, loyal AF, and supportive of each other in ways that perfectly complement their partner. Both signs hold their partners to some incredibly high standards and enjoy helping them meet and surpass their personal goals. 

When a Taurus and a Capricorn unite, it’s also a good match because Caps are really achievement-oriented signs who care about status (they want a perfectrelationship with a perfect person) and Taurus is one of the few signs that’s hardworking and determined enough to get on that level with a Capricorn.

Aquarius: Libra and Leo

Both Libra and Aquarius are air signs, super intellectual, social AF, and looove to be in relationships. Together, they have amazing senses of humor and super-quick wits, and they’re really likable in any social context.

Leo and Aquarius also tend to be a power couple, although there might be some rough footing at first. Since Leo loves being “the best” and getting attention and having their ego stroked but Aquarius is the most objective, humanitarian sign, they won’t ever really favor one person over another (even the love of their life!), which can sometimes frustrate Leos. That being said, since Aquariuses are such humanitarians and love people so deeply, they’re like the ultimate cheerleaderand will go to the moon and back for their partner and make sure their S.O. feels supported and empowered to be successful and fully express themselves.

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Pisces: Cancer and Capricorn

Pisces gets along most with other water signs like Cancer because they understand each other on a deep, emotional, intuitive level, and the potential for making deep connections is unlimited with these partners.

Another good match is Capricorn. Capricorns aren’t known for being touchy-feely or having emotional fluidity, but if anybody could coax a feeling out of Capricorn, it would be Pisces. On the flip, Pisces always have their heads in the clouds and live in their own little dream world most of the time, but if there’s any one sign that can help them set a goal and find the motivation to actually work toward it, it’s Capricorn. Capricorn’s incredibly cut-and-dried, pragmatic sensibilities can help Pisces take their humongous imagination and actually do something with it, pushing them toward even greater success.


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