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The Easiest, Laziest Self-Care Routine For The Eternally Tired

Low energy? We gotchu.
Self-care routine for tired people
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If you've ever felt an overwhelming sense of fatigue over work and personal stuff, it's probably time for a reset. This is why self-care routines are all over TikTok, YouTube, and IG Reels. But when you're always tired, doing those ~aesthetic~ activities like home spa days may seem to require so much effort.

So, how do you take care of yourself when moving from your bed seems like a daunting task? The answer is a low-effort self-care day. This is the kind of routine that isn't aesthetic but can help you become recharged. After all, self-care routines should be done for you, and not for anyone else on social media to see. 

Ahead is the low-effort self-care routine for those who are eternally tired. We promise nothing here would force you to get out of the house.

The Most Low-Effort Self-Care Routine For The Super Tired

Go for a shower.

A nice, long shower is a nice pick-me-up. The splash of water will also signal your mind that it's me-time. While you're enjoying a lovely bath, take time to enjoy the scents of your body wash and shampoo. We suggest playing classical music or your fave playlist in the background to really *own* the moment.


Take your supplements.

A great way of caring for your body is by taking supplements. Restore your body's strength with multivitamins, encourage movement in your tummy with a fiber drink, and enhance your complexion's radiance with a beauty supplement.

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Trizie grape fiber supplement

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Change your sheets and sleep!

Sleeping on freshly washed sheets is life-changing, especially if you're feeling low. You don't need to buy aesthetic-looking bedding to have a beautiful bedroom. Clean sheets are the key! Also, the best way to recharge your body is by getting your zzz's. Switch off the lights and doze off.



Focusing on your breathing through meditation can help calm your mind. It reminds you to be in the present moment. This practice can help you stop worrying about the future and reduce feelings of anxiety.

5-Minute Meditation You Can Do Anywhere

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