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5 Things To Try Para Maramdaman Mo Naman Yung Vacation Leave Mo

Everyone deserves a break—especially now.
Side by side photos: On the left, a woman lying down on a bed in front of a window; on the right, hands of a woman setting down food on a table for a meal

Before the pandemic, whenever you took a vacation leave from work, it was usually because you were about to go on a road trip or fly off to a different country. Obviously, that's not exactly the best idea right now, but it doesn't mean you can't take a break. For many, working from home means longer hours and more meetings, which increases the likelihood of job burnout. And you might think, "I'm just at home. I have no where to go. Kailangan ko ba talaga mag-VL?" Gurl, oo!!

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With your "office" being just a few steps away from your room, it's so hard to disengage. Parang wala ka ng boundaries between your professional and personal lives. So it's super important to actively find ways to make sure you aren't just thinking about work 24/7. Below are a few ideas if you want to take a VL and actually feel relaxed. 

Tick that "Do Not Disturb" button. It'll be your best friend.

Notifications are the number one enemy of any vacation. If your team is considerate, they wouldn't tag you in any group chat while you're on break, but puwede mo na silang unahan by turning this feature on para wala ka talagang makukuhang messages. Hindi kasi realistic to say na 'wag mong gamitin yung phone mo kasi picking up your gadgets is sort of like an instinct now. So, please do yourself a favor and hanapin mo 'tong feature na 'to sa lahat ng apps na ginagamit mo for work. 


Let yourself sleep in. 

This is a tip for anyone who's like me: Yung naprapraning kapag 'di maaga bumabangon kahit na wala namang agenda for the day, lol. Spend more time on your bed and *try* not to scroll through your phone the entire time. If you wake up feeling a bit groggy, give yourself permission to go back to sleep! 

Find one *new* thing to love. 

Challenge yourself to avoid getting stuck doing your usual weekend routine lang. Lately, I've been feeling like wala akong actual hobbies. I know I enjoy watching dramas and playing with my dogs, but what else? There's gotta be more, right? So even if it's something that sounds absurd to you or an activity you might not even be good at ('cause who tf says you have to be good at something to enjoy it), try something new. Channel your inner five-year-old and spend an afternoon playing with a hula hoop. Or get a miniature set and build a dollhouse or a music box with your hands

Go back to reading.

There's probably a stack of books collecting dust in the corner of your room—a couple you've partially read and some you haven't even touched since you brought them home from a book sale. Pick one up, situate yourself in a quiet space (preferably not near your home office), and immerse yourself in another person's story. At least for a few hours, it'll help you forget about the world's problems. 

Actually enjoy your meals.

I'm super guilty of rushing through my meals and even eating lunch while working because I feel like there aren't enough hours in a day. It also doesn't help that my "office" at home is our dining table. But the last time I took a vacation leave, I made sure my laptop stayed in my room, and I had a proper brunch with my parents. We spent an hour eating slower than usual and talking about random things.

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