3 Instances To Get Him To Ask You Out...Again!

On your first date, you knew right away that you liked him. Find out how you can easily score a second one with these Cosmotized tips.

First dates are always a gamble: You just don't know if you'll feel a spark. But if you do, you can set in motion what happens next. "Men believe they're in charge, but they actually respond to women's signals," says James Houran, PhD, researcher for PlentyofFish.com. Here are three little things you can do to get asked out again.


Men are driven to feel respected by others, so ask him one big question in a low-key way, like what his greatest success in life has been so far. He'll feel deeply understood--which ups the chances he'll want to see you again.

Guys' favorite subject is sex, and racy topics will pique his interest. But, do this with occasional, clever double entendres, not a big "Have you ever...?" TMI talk. This shows you can go there... but when you want to.

Get touchy: Feel his sweater. Grab his wrist to check the time. Sometimes, when men don't call you back, it's because they think you're not interested. Breaking the touch barrier makes it clear and triggers his libido.


Avoid that awkward car-seat goodbye with a walk around the block or up the driveway. It shows that you want to spend time with him and lets you link arms—a casual, get-closer move that appeals to his gentlemanly side.

Subconsciously lure him to kiss you by looking from his eyes to his lips for a moment. If he moves in, that dramatic pause will make the smooch even hotter. If he doesn't, smile and say good night—no weirdness.

If things are getting hot and heavy, take his hands, back up, and say, "I had a great time." Then, flustered as you may be, leave. First-date action is hot, but having as-yet unexplored chemistry is even more enticing.


No matter how much you clicked, resist the urge to text or e-mail him right away. Guys want to pursue you, and every second he wonders if you like him makes him even more excited when he finds out you do.

If he's MIA a week later, e-mail or IM him a link to something funny or cool. It's so low-pressure that he'll still feel like he's making the move when he writes back. Maybe he really has been crazed at work.
You can also call (tone: casual) to say that you are going to some event, had fun with him, so thought he might be game. He may or you may find out he's not interested (ouch!), but at least you'll know for sure.

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