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3 Simple Romantic Gestures

Think V-Day was a success? Fall deeper in love and be closer than ever through these sweet little moves.

Upping your intimacy doesn’t mean planning grand gestures. These ideas are less work—and just as effective.

1. Eat Breakfast Side-by-Side. Instead of chowing down tapsilog while sitting across each other, share the meal while side-by-side at the table or on the couch. “It’s less formal and more playful, and being closer physically reinforces your bond,” says Debra Mandel, PhD, author of Don’t Call Me A Drama Queen.

2. Slow Dance Around The House. When a tune you both love comes on while you’re just hanging out at home, grab your guy and dance for a few minutes. “Spontaneously breaking up the norm with something silly validates your partnership,” says sex therapist Linda Banner, PhD.

3. Drift Off To Sleep Holding Hands. Rather than retreating to opposite sides of the bed, hold your guy’s hand and lie close to each other as you fall asleep. Yeah, it sounds a little mushy, but it’s actually a tender, silent way to reaffirm your feelings, says Mandel.

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