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3 Ways To Avoid Being A Bitchy Girlfriend

Whether you're PMS-ing, in a bad mood, or just plain mataray (admit it!), tame the sungit vibes with these simple Cosmo tips.

1. Practice Impulse Control

“If you’ve written a nasty text or e-mail, wait 15 minutes before you send it to him,” says Fred Luskin, PhD, author of Forgive For Love. If it sounds overbearing, rephrase!

2. Start With Thanks

“Constructive criticism goes further than negativity,” says Luskin. Start with “I love that you help out with the chores…” and then follow up with “But next time could you....”

3. Pick Your Battles

“Ask yourself if he has a valid point,” suggests Alexandra Delis-Abrams, PhD, author of Attitudes, Beliefs, And Choices. Cut him some slack from time to time.

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