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3 Ways To Bond With Your Man When You're Super Busy

When you have an insanely hectic schedule, your connection needs extra attention. Here's how to carve out some together-time.

1. Speed-date each other.

Meet for a quick drink before heading out with your separate groups of friends, says relationship therapist Krista Bloom, PhD. "It's a good way to touch base and keep things grounded," she adds.

2. Plan a mid-week vacation day.

"When your work schedules permit it, take a day off together," suggests Ellen Kenner, PhD, host of The Rational Basis Of Happiness. Make a day trip out of it--for example, scout out a new hotspot or resto. "Scheduling mutual downtime will put you emotionally in sync," says Kenner.

3. Set the alarm early.

If one of you leaves while the other continues to snooze and you don't see each other until the evening, wake up 20 minutes before you really need to. "You can cuddle, talk, or massage each other," says Bloom. "It'll help you feel close when you do go your separate ways."

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