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3 Weird Moves That Mean He's Into You

Some actions that initially seem like turn-offs are actually signs he wants to impress you. Here's how to get the real deal.

Move #1: He brags about himself.

Successful guys who are used to getting praise from their peers may fall back on their resumes during dates, too. Cut through the boasting with emotion-based questions about why he likes his big-bucks job or fancy wheels. A keeper will reciprocate with questions about you.

Move #2: He gushes prematurely.

Romantics can heap on snappy compliments or lines if they think that's what you want to hear. Respond to over-the-top overtures ("I think we're soulmates") by saying he sounds like he's quoting a movie. He'll realize that he's coming on too strong, but will get to laugh it off.

Move #3: He burns cash.

To prove he can provide for you, a dude with good intentions may insist, for example, that you order the most expensive entree. Prove you're into more than his wallet by talking up your love of simple things--like having a picnic or going for a drive in your fuel-efficient car.

Sources: Psychoanalyst Bethany Marshall, PhD, PsyD, author of Deal Breakers; relationship coach Lynn Ramussen, author of Men Are Easy.

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