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32 Ways To Be Naughty And Nice With Your Guy For The Holidays

We're giving you more sex tips and tricks to try with your man, for a hot, hot, HOT Christmas!
  1. Give him a play-by-play on how close to orgasm you are so he'll know exactly when he’ll feel you clamp down and pulse against his manhood.

  2. Lick along his cut lines—the creases that separate his thighs from his torso. (But don’t let your tongue go any further.) They’re a surprisingly hot erogenous zone on their own.

  3. Hit the sheets with your hair pinned on top of your head, then undo the clip or ponytail and let it flow loose.

  4. Do it somewhere really wild—an amusement park ride, a taxi, in the bathroom at a pal’s Christmas party. It may not be the most orgasmic sex ever, but the novelty of it will be thrilling.

  5. Most dudes tend to turn sex into a sprint that’s all about the final big bang. But if you take things really slow, he’ll be able to feel every itty-bitty stroke and lick.

  6. Let him watch you play with yourself…from behind.

  7. Wear sheer thigh-high stockings, then stand over him naked and let him roll them off one leg at a time.

  8. "Once I was giving my boyfriend oral sex when I got this idea about pressing a vibrator to the small of his back. The two sensations together were so intense, they practically propelled him out of bed."

  9. "Wear a supershort denim miniskirt—the kind bad girls always wore when I was growing up. Then be a bad girl by taking my hand when I least expect it and letting me feel your wetness."

  10. "If you get me to lie down on the bed and rest my legs on your shoulders while you go down on me, I’ll feel way more open to sensation."

  11. Let him run his manhood up and down your butt cleavage.

  12. Have him flick his tongue against your clitoris through panties. The indirect stimulation is hotter than if he were touching you tongue to skin.

  13. Over the holidays, stay in one day and vow to set your very own sex record, doing the deed as often as you can.

  14. "When we’re out in a family or barkada gathering and it would be totally impossible to get away for a quickie, brush your fingers over the outside of my jeans. Do it a few times to really get a rise out of me."

  15. "Before we get busy, do a little belly dance for me. I just can’t get enough of the way your hips shake."

  16. Take a cake-icing tube and draw a circle around his package. Bull’s-eye.

  17. Wear one of those corset-style bras with the zillion strings that are so in season this fall/winter, and ask him to untie it. As his frustration builds, so will his desire for you.

  18. "With my friends nearby, grab my butt, make out with me, and smile at me suggestively. I want them to really envy the fact that you’re with me."

  19. "When I come home from work, my jaw will drop if I find you sprawled out naked on my bed, centerfold-style. Bonus points if you pretend that you have no idea why I’m so turned on."

  20. After a night of romantic lovemaking, follow up with a session of down-and-dirty sex. Think four-letter words, leather instead of satin, and props like handcuffs. He’ll feel like he’s gotten busy with a different chick both nights.

  21. Look into his eyes during the deed. The emotional connection is amazing.

  22. Tell him that you absolutely have to have him right this second. Don’t wait for him to respond just pounce.

  23. "In the middle of intercourse, I’ll whisper to my guy that the neighbors are watching us. It’s not true and he knows it, but the idea that other people might be glimpsing us kicks our lust up a notch or two."

  24. Rather than licking his manhood with the flat of your tongue, roll your tongue in a tube around just the tip of his penis and slide it in and out of your mouth.

  25. Ask your man to sit on his hands, then treat him to a slo-mo, sensual lap dance. Don’t allow him to touch you, but touch him everywhere with your nipples, hair, fingers, and toes.

  26. "Wherever I have body hair, the skin is super-receptive to touch. So lavish plenty of attention around my nipples, treasure trail, and belly button. "

  27. "After we’ve both climaxed, let me get a washcloth so we can take turns sponging each other off."

  28. Make sure your mouth is tense before you give him oral sex. The firm feel of your usually soft lips will send him through the roof.

  29. This is tricky, but the sensations are out of this world: During missionary, move your hips in deliberate counterclockwise circles, then ask your guy to move in clockwise motions.

  30. "Cut the fabric out of an old tee shirt so your nipples show through. I’ll lend you an old one of mine if you don’t want to mess up one of yours."

  31. "While you keep grinding against me slowly during woman-on-top, spread your lips with your fingers."

  32. "Let’s stay in bed while we wind down from orgasm. I really love being so close to you, feeling your pulse slow down, and listening to your heartbeat return to normal."
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