4 Couple Activities To Spice Up Your Love Life

Take advantage of the non-working holiday and plan some QT with your dude. Here are a few simple suggestions that can lead to sexy results!

1. Watch a scary movie together.

Rent something iconic, like A Nightmare On Elm Street (1984) or When A Stranger Calls (1979), pour some wine, and nervously gnaw on good-but-bad chocolate. Bonus: Those Freddy Krueger scenes spike your fight-or-flight reaction, which is often followed by a release of brain chemicals that help turn you both on.

2. Have a cozy dinner with him.

Head to the grocery, then flip through some of the foodie mags they keep near the registers. Choose something that looks good...and that you've never made before. Pick up the ingredients you'll need, put on music, pour some wine, and get cooking. Dinner will taste sooo much better if you flirt as you chop, saute, and serve.

3. Try your hand at trivia night.

One popular bar gimmick is trivia night, which gives you a chance to use your pop culture knowledge. The vibe is fun and laidback, which guys dig, and you could possibly kick his ass at showbiz trivia. Check out what your local spot has to offer, and then place a bet before hitting up the bar with your man and some close friends. We can think of a few terms that'll reward the winner and the loser when you get home.

4. Explore the great outdoors.

Experts say that doing chores outdoors with your guy can lead to sex in different places. So, invite him to wash the car with you. He won't mind when you "accidentally" splash suds on him, and before you know it, you'll forget about the task and be more interested in servicing each other!

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