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4 Reasons Why Men It Hate When Girls Nag

Nagging never works, and our resident guy pal tells us why.

There will never be a good place or time for a woman, or anyone for that matter, to do her nagging. There are no coherent reasons for anyone to do so either, unless  you’re really hell-bent on getting on our nerves. So ladies, what gives?

This upsetting act happens to women who do not know how to effectively ask for what they need. There’s a pesky little nagger in all of us, really, and we’re all entitled to a stress-relieving shout-and-curse gesticulation every once in a while, but try seeing the repercussions before it turns into an annoying habit. Who likes being scolded anyway?

Nagging demonstrates verbal abuse.
Nagging, first and foremost, unanimously demeans our pride and ego. It shatters the fragile glass core of our manhood. It takes away the masculinity that we men proudly carry in their pockets everyday. More than anything, a man naturally thrives for a woman’s affirmation, and nagging constitutes the exact opposite.

To nag is to “indicate” one’s uselessness, inefficiency, disgrace, and whatnot, all of which are nothing short of degrading. We’re big on maintaining our manhood, so stop acting like a machine-gun preacher.

Nagging disregards the possibility of you being wrong.
“The reason for nagging must justify the nagging,” says Pao, 26, a senior copywriter. “You can’t parade around like a fault-finder and elaborate on things not worth fighting for in the first place.” Nagging closes the window of a two-sided story and immediately points toward our faults, as opposed to your own. While you may not be in the wrong, force-feeding our mishaps beats the purpose of you being right in the first place. If it’s something fixable without engaging in too much trouble, spare us the pesky language and let us realize our slip-up on our own free will.

Nagging brings back unpleasant memories.
“Pointing out past mistakes during an argument makes it worse,” says Jay, 26, a web producer. “A simple discussion inexplicably turns into a three-hour banter.” Men won’t really want to relive any horrid experiences women bring up, nor have the energy to once again go through a dead-end squabble. Do realize that faults are part of relationships just as much as men should understand that major blunders aren’t that easy to forget. We get that, but putting it in a gun barrel and firing it back is really not necessary.

Nagging is bad for our ears, seriously.
Women tend to use a high-pitched, whiny, falsetto-voice while griping about something—an automatic signal for men to tune out to other frequencies. In a desperate move to blurt out all feelings left behind, a woman’s regard for the appropriate tone and manner of speaking is compromised, thus the nagging. Men generally attempt to appear composed at the first sign of turbulence to avoid any poise-less arguments, but you know the silent treatment thing girls do when serious shit is about to go down? It can go both ways.   

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