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4 Things Boyfriends Worry About

Women are not the only ones with insecurity issues. Find out what really bothers most beaus, and know how to help him deal.

Most men are often unable to process their insecurity issues. When guys are touchy about something, we slip into silent mode. Clueless about how to express our feelings of inadequacy, we often do the relationship more harm than good. Heed our self-doubting hysterics and help your beau cope with his inner demons.

Money Changes Everything

Maybe he winces a bit at the bill after a dinner in a posh restaurant or cringes when he sees how you treat your cash account. Try limiting the lavish lifestyle luxuries—it will do him and your ATM some good. Don’t let his pride destruct his bank account (because you know he will try to keep up). Indulging and showing appreciation for simpler (a.k.a cheaper) things can make a guy feel better about himself and your relationship.

All In A Day’s Work

You have a successful career—but if your man is still stuck in the mindset that guys should be the breadwinners and that women must just submissively supplement the cashflow, your career superstardom won’t be as sweet as it should be.

Indulge in your success but try a little subtlety when dealing with his. Don’t let him dwell on comparing his successes with yours. Instead, encourage him to assess himself and focus his attention on concrete things he can do in his career.

Beauty Basics

If he feels just not up to par whenever he’s beside you, don’t start dressing down or pressuring him to look better. Our tip? Smother him with attention. Make him feel fortunate that he has a goddess for a girlfriend who loves him so much. This way, instead of sulking about his rough skin, or beer belly, and other “ugly” parts of his bod, he’ll want to look and feel hot to match your caliber.

Culture Crisis

He thinks your literature collection is for balancing the TV cabinet and your prized front-row theater seats are akin to paying someone to rain spittle down on him. He starts to alienate himself from that part of your life, making it a choice between dumping someone you love, and using your cultured brain cells to help him use his.

For one, try to get him to start reading books (and not just FHM) by giving him one that would be interesting for him. Tom Clancy books are a good idea for action fans. Moreover, read it yourself so you can have an enjoyable conversation after he finishes with the book! If he does go for the bait, you’ve just opened doors he never knew existed and helped him stem the loss of all those brain cells from all his benders.

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