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4 Ways To Get In The Zone During Sex

Clear your head of all distractions and get in the right frame of mind before your next sack session.

1. Let Your Thoughts Wander

It helps to transport yourself mentally to a sexy place. Fantasize that you're getting it on in a lust-inspiring locale or even with another man, like a hot trainer at your gym or, hell, Justin Timberlake. No guilt--it doesn't mean you want to cheat on your guy.

2. Strengthen Your Senses

Certain smells and sounds can have a heightened effect on your libido. Think about what puts you in the mood, then designate an enhancer that will signal to your brain and body that it's time to get naughty. For example, before sex, put on a sultry jazz CD.

3. Be Selfish

Worrying too much about your guy's pleasure means you wind up ignoring your own. So, silence the inner monologue of "How am I doing?" and simply enjoy the experience. Otherwise, it becomes more work than play.

4. Stay On Course

A stressful day's memories can still manage to sneak up on you, even when you're mid-mattress session. To stay in the moment, try to focus your thoughts purely on the physical and pay attention to how every touch, lick, and stroke feels.

Source: Psychotherapist Kathleen Cervenka, PhD, author of In the Mood, Again

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