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50 Wild Sex Queries--Answered In 20 Words Or Less

We're answering several of your doubts, issues, and questions about the deed as shortly and sweetly as possible.

Learning about sex is like sex itself: You're eager to invest time in doing it, but every now and then, you want it to be fast and furious. Well, consider this the ultimate quickie collection of answers to your most burning carnal queries. Trust us, it'll leave you satisfied.

1. How do I handle an uncircumcised penis? Some guys like the foreskin to be pulled back, while others find this too sensitive. Coyly request a demonstration.

2. Is there a way to let him know about one of my fantasies without freaking him out? Tell him you had an erotic dream (co-starring him) about your fantasy, and ask if he'd like to hear details.

3. How many calories do I burn during sex? A 120-pound lady going at it for 30 minutes burns 115 calories. With 15 minutes of foreplay, it's 135.

4. Can I really tell how big a guy is by the size of his hands or feet? No.

5. I'd like to have phone sex with my long-distance boyfriend, but I'm shy. How can I loosen up? Try writing out some fantasies in a journal first.

6. What's the best song to do a striptease to? "Justify My Love" by Madonna

7. Do guys have a G-spot? Yep—it's the prostate gland, and it's accessible via his backdoor, or by putting pressure on his perineum.

8. I heard some guys like you to use your teeth during a blow job. Is that true? A small minority do. For both of your sakes, be sure to ask first.

9. BF won't climax when I go down on him, no matter what I do. Is something wrong? Not at all.

10. Are there any reliable at-home STD tests, or is it necessary to go to the  doctor? There are tests you administer at home before sending results to a lab. But, see a doctor to be sure.

11. I love to role-play, but I’ve done the cliches (teacher and student, etc.). What are some other characters that would be fun in the bedroom? Nurse and patient or MILF and horny teenage guy.

12. I actually orgasm way faster than he does. Is there a way to slow myself down? Why slow down? Orgasm, go down on him while you rest (if needed), then aim for number two!

13. What's the best way to use a vibrator during sex? Slip a vibrating ring—you can buy one online—onto his penis. It'll turn him into a human vibrator.

14. He's almost too big. What positions are good for him to ease his way into me without hurting? Anything where you can control the speed and depth of penetration, such as girl on top.

15. What's the CAT position? Coital-alignment technique. In missionary, he scoots up three inches so his pelvis rubs against your clitoris during thrusts.

16. What's the most common male fantasy? A threesome with two women.

17. Are condoms still effective underwater? They're not tested underwater, so there's no assurance they'll hold up.

18. How can I best stimulate his perineum? Rock the part of your finger between the second and third knuckle over it, using moderate pressure.

19. Can I have sex if I have a yeast infection? It's a bad idea; you could end up passing the infection to your partner.

20. If my boyfriend and I both have the same sexually transmitted disease, do we still have to use a condom? No, if you are on the Pill, have the same bacterial STD (like syphilis), and are both on antibiotics.

21. My guy hits my cervix constantly when we have sex, and it hurts. Is there a way to prevent it without making things way less fun for him? The spoon position (both on your sides, him behind you) keeps penetration shallow.

22. Do blue balls actually exist? Prolonged erections can cause discomfort in the testicles and perineum…but not pain.

23. Why do I feel horny during my period? You know there's less chance of pregnancy, and you're better lubricated.

24. My boyfriend takes Viagra but doesn't need to. Should I be worried about any long-term effects? The long-term effects aren’t fully known, but he could become psychologically dependent on it.

25. I've been told I have a small clitoris. Could that be why I have so much trouble reaching orgasm when I have sex? No, it just isn't being adequately stimulated and might need a tongue instead of a penis.

26. My boyfriend's penis curves to one side when he's hard. Should he be worried about that? Some curvature is normal. If it is severe or hurts, he may have Peyronie's disease and should consult a doctor.

27. I'm dating bad kisser. Does that mean he'll totally suck in the sack? Maybe.

28. Can a guy have an orgasm without ejaculating? Yes.

29. How do you tell him you don’t want him to finish inside you, even with a condom? Tell him your preference before you engage in sex---not as he approaches climax.

30. Even when my boyfriend is super attentive and I’m really turned on, I can't orgasm. Is there something wrong with me? No.

31. I want to be spanked! How do I tell him without sounding weird? Spank him first.

32. My guy's penis is kinda small. What can I do to make it feel bigger? Opt for doggie-style sex.

33. Can a woman orgasm just by thinking about sex? About two percent can. Lucky girls!

34. Can I eat anything to change the way I taste down there? Food like garlic and asparagus might make you slightly more pungent, whereas fruits like pineapple may sweeten you up.

35. My guy slips out when we switch positions. Are we doing something wrong? Nope, but he can try tightening his butt during transitions to help him stay in.

36. Is there a way I can have erotic dreams more often? Replay a sexy scenario in your mind as you’re falling asleep.

37. What’s some dirty talk I can use so I don’t freak him out and feel so embarrassed? "I love how you feel inside me," "Grabe, you're so hard," and "Right there. Right there!"

38. Why is my guy so distant right after we have sex? Chemicals are released in his brain that make him sleepy.

39. If he doesn't make noises, how can I tell if he likes what I'm doing? Look for a "sex flush" on his stomach and chest...or better yet, just ask him.

40. Is it possible for me to masturbate too much? Only if you're more concerned about earning an orgasm than a paycheck.

41. What are some good ways to combat vaginal dryness? Stop taking decongestants and antihistamines, get tested for low estrogen, and use a water-based lube.

42. Can two people know if they have great sexual chemistry--before they even touch? Do you feel butterflies, tingles, etc.? Bingo.

43. How do you inspect a penis for signs of an STD without his knowing? Check it out while you're caressing him. Look for sores, redness, and odd secretions or smells. But, that's not fool-proof!

44. When I’m going down on him, do I have to take all of him into my mouth? Nope. Your mouth can focus on the super-sensitive tip while your hand strokes his shaft.

45. I want to try anal, but I’m scared it'll hurt. What can I do to make sure it's pleasurable? Communicate, use plenty of lube, experiment first with a finger (then two), and go slow.

46. Do men want their nipples played with? Some do, some don't. See how your guy reacts.

47. How should I use my PC (pubococcygeus muscles) during sex? Flex your muscles while he's inside you, then release. Pulsate at different rates.

48. Why do I feel like I have to pee during sex? Because your bladder lies close to the front vaginal wall. It’s very unlikely that you'll actually pee.

49. When is an ejaculation premature? If he can't thrust for more than two minutes. But, if either of you feels bad, that counts, too.

50. Is there such a thing as being too wet during sex? No.

Contributing experts: Sadie Allison, DHS, author of Ride ’Em Cowgirl! Sex Positions For Better Bucking; Erotic Specialist Amanda Ansell; Diana Daffner, author of the audio book Lessons In Intimacy: The Lover"s Touch; Karinna Kittles-Karsten, author of Intimate Wisdom: The Sacred Art of Love; Ian Kerner, PhD, author of Passionista: The Empowered Woman's Guide To Pleasuring A Man; Sari Locker, PhD, author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Amazing Sex; Carly Milne, author of Sexography; Brian Parker, phd, EdD, sex Expert for; Pepper Schwartz, PhD, author of Prime: Adventures And Advice On Sex, Love, And The Sensual years; Beverly Whipple, PhD, co-author of The G-Spot and Other Discoveries about Human Sexuality and The Science of Orgasm.

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