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6 Sickly Sweet Love Life DON'Ts

No matter how close you and your guy are, moves like these can still turn him off!

Okay, you and your guy are super tight. Still, it doesn't mean you can get away with:

  1. Starting a blog with blow-by-blow accounts of your relationship and Photoshopped pictures of what your children will look like.

  2. Intertwining arms every time you drink champagne...or wine...or even a beer.

  3. Having play fights about who loves each other dinner with friends...using a baby voice.

  4. Buying the smallest dog you can find and saying things like "Go to Daddy now; Mommy needs to pee."

  5. Inviting people out for a "fun night of karaoke"...and then hijacking the microphone to sing duets like "Wind Beneath My Wings."

  6. Using the phrases "I am his touchstone," "He completes me," and "We are one beating heart."
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