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6 Steamy Summer Sex Props

Turn up the heat this summer by experimenting with these items while you do the deed.

1. A popsicle. Trace a sexy trail on his bod, then lick the same path over again.

2. A waterproof mini vibrator. Make pool skinny-dipping even hotter by whipping it out to get yourself front of him.

3. An ice cube. Have him run a cube up and down your sides and across your breasts and other private areas to tantalize every nerve ending.

4. A giant, sturdy beach ball. Use it to find new and interesting angles for sex positions, such as doggie-style.

5. Aloe vera gel. Cool it in the fridge first, then offer him a tingly massage.

6. An oscillating fan. Direct it toward your bodies when you're getting busy--the intermittent cool blasts of air will give you both an added thrill.

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