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7 Ways To Seduce Him On V-Day

Make sure this February 14 is seared into your guy's memory forever. Stay home and treat your guy to these hot, Cosmo-approved tricks!

1. Unplug the TV. Put a note on the screen saying, "Turn me on instead."

2. Forget the flowers and chocolates. If you're meeting up at his place, bring food or a bottle of wine and arrive naked.

3. Play strip poker. The loser does a striptease for the winner. There's absolutely no money involved--just a healthy dose of lust.

4. Scrabble and sizzle. It can be an exciting game, especially if you give it your own twist. You and your partner should just spell out naughty words to score.

5. Take part in a treasure hunt. Mark out the clues on your body. Guess what the grand prize is?

6. Spray on some perfume. Blindfold him so he experiences the scent fully. Or, try more than just one fragrance. Just make sure to keep coffee beans handy in case there's a fragrance overdose.

7. Have some chocolate syrup. It takes on a whole new flavor when you lick it off your bodies.

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