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7 Ways To Seduce His Senses

Take your foreplay sessions to a more sensual level with these mind-blowing, spine-tingling touches.

You know the sexy tingles you feel from a cool breeze or a gentle caress? Those sensations can also enhance your lust life. "Any unexpected touch hyperstimulates nerves and gives you that quivering feeling," says Sandor Grardos, PhD, founder of Below, moves that create crazy-good goose bumps. Try them on your guy, then have him return the favor.

1. Tawdry Toast

Sip sparkling wine, then lick along your man 's lips and neck, lingering on the sensitive slope between his lower lip and chin. "The alcohol tingles and then evaporates quickly for a sexy, skin-tensing effect," says Carol Queen, PhD, sexologist at

2. Acting Fresh

Pre–oral action, pop a mint (you probably have one in your purse right now). You 'll both get chills because menthol (what gives mint its taste) triggers the body 's cold receptors. Slowly kiss down your guy 's torso before moving to his member. "Menthol 's effects last 20 minutes," says Jay Wiseman, author of Tricks to Please a Man, so you have lots of time for frosty foreplay.

3. Nail It

A naughty nail trick: Mount your man, then lightly rake your claws (or a sexy set of press-ons) over his chest, plus thin-skinned areas like his wrists. The gentle scratching will awaken his primal side.

4. Hot Rub

For a peppery head-to-toe turn-on, start with a heating lube (check out local drugstores). Massage him everywhere, rubbing some of the liquid in with your breasts instead of your fingers. Before you move on to intercourse, turn on a fan or the air-conditioner for some bawdy full-body shivers.

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5. The Spine Tingler

As you 're making out, run your fingertips, lips, or a feather along your guy 's spine. Hint: Try a zigzag pattern. "A straight line only activates nerves along your course," says Rebecca Rosenblat, author of Seducing Your Man. "A random path surprises and heightens the entire surrounding area."

6. Head Games

Tease the scalp 's millions of nerves with a head massager—a spider-shaped metal tool. Mid–make out, lightly run it over his head, triggering shuddery waves of bliss. Or, during booty, tug your guy 's hair lightly as he climaxes. It floods him with endorphins for an electrified orgasm.

7. Foreplay Freeze

Make ice from seltzer, then rub him down with the cubes. The carbonation leaves slushy pockets in the ice, so one minute he 'll feel a solid touch from the cube, the next, a snowy clump melting on his skin. Then, breathe warm air on the wet parts—heat increases circulation, leaving skin more sensitive.

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