Fix Your Dating Blunder

Did your attempt to impress him completely bomb? Here's what you can do to make up for that major boo-boo.

If your bowl-him-over move backfired, smooth things over with these three steps.

  • Apologize ASAP. Own up to your mistake by saying "I was so nervous/temporarily brain-dead, I ended up doing something out of character." Your confession shows that you recognize your boobish behavior. Plus, you may even evoke a little empathy.

  • Make it up to him by showing your true colors. For example, if you barked his ear off the night before with a long list of personal problems, spend the next couple of dates subtly encouraging him to do most of the talking. Once he sees that you're not a chronic complainer or babbler, he'll realize your faux pas was a one-time occurrence.

  • Play it cool. Wait a week, then assess where you stand: If your union is back on track or you two are able to joke about your blunder, thumbs up. But if he seems iffy about hanging out or won't let your goof-up go the next few times you two talk, you might have to concede defeat and move on.

Source: Communication coach Peggy Klaus, author of Brag! The Art of Tooting Your Own Horn Without Blowing It

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