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How To Spot A Commitment-Phobe

Here are three ways to tell if the guy you're seeing won't be getting into a serious relationship with you anytime soon (or, at all).

He's a little too mysterious.

The strong, silent type may be sexy, but a man who wants to get serious will open up about stuff like his family. If he doesn't, he's avoiding bonding so he can keep things light (read: temporary). And, be wary if he's asking tons of questions--it may be his way of not answering yours.

He forgets the smaller stuff.

Although it may not seem like a big deal if a guy you're seeing forgets the name of your dog or your province, a dude who is into you will pay closer attention to the details. A man who doesn't pick up on minutiae probably isn't concerned with developing a relationship.

You censor yourself.

If after a few weeks of dating, you don't feel comfortable enough to call him when you feel like it--because you're afraid of coming off as clingy--or if you resist showing him your goofy side, then your intuition may be picking up on the probability that he's not fully invested in what you two have going on.