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Prolong The Pleasure With These After-Sex Ideas

So, what do you do after you've climaxed? Here are steamy ways to keep the fun and flame strong 'til the morning after.

Here's a no-brainer: Sex feels awesome. So, why would you cut it short? And yet, most people think uttering the last "Oh, God!" signifies the end. We've mapped out how to milk the bliss, so you each get the ultimate experience.


Immediately post-O, wrap your legs around him, so he stays inside you. Then, rub your hands up and down the sides of his stomach—they're sensitive spots on guys that feel good when caressed. Staying closely intertwined with your man is the perfect way to ease down from the climactic high.

Most men want to crash after nookie. Circumvent that need by getting into the shower together. The warm spray keeps your body heat up, the way it was when you were having sex, so he becomes reenergized. This allows you more time to connect with him before the urge to fall asleep kicks in.

After the action, all of your senses are heightened, so satisfying your sense of sound requires no effort and can be really calming. Keep your iPod plugged in to speakers nearby, and play songs that are soothing. Artists to put on your playlist: Adele, Alicia Keys, and Ray LaMontagne.


Feed each other something sexy to get your energy back up if you want to go for round two. Keep bite-sized fruits, like strawberries and grapes, in your fridge and dark chocolate in your nightstand. Rub them over each other's lips—there are tons of nerve endings there.

Take turns massaging each other’s booties. Here's why it's the perfect area for post-coital fondling: Those muscles do a lot of work during sex, so they may need relief afterward. Start at the bottom, and use the heels of your hands to lightly knead upward. Be sure to take turns.

Drift off together. About an hour after sex, your body has quieted down and you may be ready for that quest for rest. Get more skin-on-skin contact by having him spoon you and wrap his legs around yours—it creates a perfect warm cocoon to fall asleep in.


Linger in bed with a long make-out session, but don't go any further. It’ll drive home that you're still savoring last night's session. Plus, kissing will stimulate your body, so you'll feel the aftershock all day.

Strip down, and have coffee in bed. Doing anything in the buff turns a non-sexual activity into a sultry affair. Seeing each other’s bodies will bring back carnal memories as you go through your morning routine.

After you part ways, send him a racy text. Tell him your -favorite part from the night before, and ask for his. Then, suggest what to try next time. This exchange of messages will keep your sexual energy going.

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