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Ricci Rivero On Leren Bautista: 'I'm blessed to have found the right one'

'To the girl I see as a real QUEEN'
Ricci Rivero Confirms Relationship With Leren Bautista
PHOTO: Instagram/riccirivero

Ricci Rivero just dropped a *major* revelation about him and his rumored girlfriend, Leren Bautista.

On August 21, Saturday, the actor-athlete took to IG to confirm his relationship with Leren.

"To the girl who I see as a real QUEEN," Ricci wrote, featuring a set of photos, including what appears to be a candid photo of Leren sitting at the back of a van, a sunset (or sunrise), and their hands clasped together.

"With all the wrongs hounding me, I’m blessed to have found the right one. Allow me to shield you from things you don’t deserve," Ricci added.

Ricci also seemed to direct the next parts of his post to his bashers who have been accusing him of cheating on his ex-GF, actress Andrea Brillantes.

"Hindi tayo magtatago dahil walang dapat ikahiya," the basketball player expressed. "
"Walang nang-agaw at walang inagaw. Walang bibitaw dahil masaya tayong magka hawak kamay."


Ricci went on to share his praises for the beauty queen and Laguna councilor, who has also been on the receiving end of hate from some netizens.

"I love seeing how you genuinely continue to help and care for people every day despite others trying to ruin your reputation. Rest assured I will be with you in inspiring people to always be better. Thank you for being so selfless and simple."

"I promise to never again live a life manipulated by someone’s fantasy. This is our story, hindi dapat iba ang mag kwento ng storya nating dalawa!"

As if to acknowledge their new publicized relationship status, Leren also shared Ricci's post on IG Stories.

Ricci Rivero Confirms Relationship With Leren Bautista
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In June, Ricci celebrated his birthday with Leren as they took part in an "outreach program" in Laguna. Leren belied accusations that she was the third party behind Ricci's breakup that month with Andrea. The rumors circulated following Ricci's photographed involvement in Leren's birthday outreach.

In a statement on her social media accounts, Leren called the rumors "malicious" and acts of "disinformation."

In August, the two were spotted shopping at a mall and working out together in Los Baños. In September, the two gamely took photos with fans while holding hands in public, and just a few days ago, the couple was also spotted together watching a basketball game.

While Ricci and Leren Mae have yet to confirm or deny the current status of their relationship, Andrea earlier shared in an interview that she had *discovered* a girl in Ricci's condo while she and Ricci were still together. Ricci later on noted that the girl Andrea saw was "not his", but his friend's.



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