Sex And Fashion: 4 Ways To Seduce Your Man Through Role Playing

Fashion can come in handy during sex--particular when you dress the part of your man's fantasy. Our Style & Beauty columnist decodes some of the most popular "roles."

If women fantasize about finding Prince Charming or finding the secret to a perfect body for life, men fantasize about driving their own sports car or driving a woman wild with sexual euphoria.

Bottom line, men seek thrills, however cheap, as a way to gratify their ego.

Now when it comes to giving your man the thrill he wants, getting stripped naked may be a no-brainer, but remember men have two heads. To cause his penis to erect, it really doesn’t take much. But to get his brain all mangled up about you? Now that is a skill that must be developed.

And I don’t mean playing childish mind games! Instead, hit three birds (pun intended) with one stone: strengthen your intimacy with each other, discover an exciting side of yourselves, and explore greater realms in your sexual relationship!

So how do we do this exactly?

You needn’t wait for Halloween to play dress up for your partner as the rules of seduction are on, 24/7--anytime, anywhere. But before buying that naughty costume, stop to think first about what type of person your partner is--in AND out of the bedroom, as they can be polar opposites!

Let me decode the most popular fantasies men have so your sexual schemes of seduction are proven effective.

1. The French Maid

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  • A man aroused by this type of role playing is someone who prefers a submissive partner who attends to his needs. He is the dominant one that longs to be nurtured.
  • Men are intrigued by “the master and the help, a.k.a., Langit at Lupa” scenario as it is taboo or forbidden.
  • The outfit: Haven’t got the uniform? Try a clean, white apron--just the apron--for him to discover what lies beneath as you dust every curve of his hot body!

2. Hot Teacher/Librarian

  • Another taboo: Men are turned on by the authoritative figure giving in to them.
  • As the nurturing figure, the teacher in control “educates” the student and shows him the ways of the world, a.k.a., how to please a real woman!
  • The outfit: A long-sleeved top with a tight fit that allows a bit of your lace bra to peep through paired with cat's eye-framed glasses make for a sultry educator. Oh, and a little cleavage won’t hurt either. Give the boy an “A,” shall we?

3. Naughty School Girl

  • If not executed well, it’s just borderline pedophilia, so ladies, please set those boundaries!
  • Aside from the feeling that it's obviously forbidden, men always fantasize about taking a girl’s virginity. Like trophies, some men (pathetic and insecure ones, in my opinion) treat virgins as conquests and nothing more.
  • The outfit: Channel Britney Spears’ “Hit Me Baby One More Time” video. She’s got it down to a tee--literally: a teeny tiny, short, plaid and pleated school skirt; white button down shirt; knee-high socks; Mary Jane shoes; and the frivolity of a high school student erupting with hormones!

4. Fierce Dominatrix

  • Like a stubborn child, some men lust after whips, chains, and a good spanking. Call it sexual humiliation, so to speak. Hey, whatever gets you off, eh?
  • Men get excited over a woman who can dominate them (not necessarily in public, where he establishes the dominant persona instead) as they revere a woman who can “put them in their place.”
  • The outfit: In the element of fun, let’s forget the pain-inducing chains, shall we? Maybe a silk scarf around his mouth or wrists would be more up our sexual fashionable avenue, really. Bring out your liquid leggings, black pointed stilettos, and waist-shrinking corsets, then conceal your feisty ensemble underneath an unassuming trench coat! Think Angelina Jolie in Mr. & Mrs. Smith!

Men and women who have dominant personalities usually prefer to do role reversal behind closed doors--being dominated when they're usually the dominant ones and vice versa. Must that mean that the quiet ones really are the ones to watch for when the lights go out? Hmm…

Whether you have any similarities with the roles you play in the bedroom or not, allow yourself to let go, have fun, and discover different sides to you and your partner. You’ll never know what you might find! Get creative and make the effort to keep things exciting, to keep the spark alive.

As Shakespeare once wrote, “All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts…”

Call it a game or a stage, thank goodness it’s only temporary! We all need to take a break from the toughest role to play day by day: ourselves.

What roles have you and your partner explored? Do share!

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