Top 10 Sex Tricks That Drive Men Wild

Unleash your man's inner animal in bed with these 10 tried and tested carnal moves.

Sure, men are predictable—but then again they may still surprise you. Cosmo gives you a rundown of the hottest moves that are sure to keep your man fired up. And, yes, this is according to men themselves. We also asked some feisty women to react to the revelations. So, whether it’s a much-loved golden oldie or an unexpected re-entry, you’ll find out all the bedroom tricks that never fail to get him all hot and bothered. There are also sizzling hot remixes that will make him even more enthusiastic under the covers.

10. Look Behind You

There’s always been something pornographic about doggy-style sex. This, of course, probably explains why men love it so much. Your guy enjoys it because he can hold your waist (the sexiest part of a woman’s body) and take a long lingering look at your butt. For David, 28, a stockbroker, the only thing hotter than actually having sex from behind was the moment his girlfriend demanded it. “She’d suddenly say, ‘Take me from behind!’ That alone really drove me crazy,” he says.

Another variation that rates highly on men’s arousal meter is when he lies on his back and you sit on top, facing away from him. When fully erect, his penis will be pointing at a 45-degree angle, so don’t lean too far forward or you might risk an embarrassing trip to the emergency room.

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“There’s something so wild about being taken from behind.”
- Marla, 29, lawyer

9. Dirty Dancing

“My wife and I have been married for a little over a year,” says Mike, 30, a veterinarian, “and after the initial excitement, I have to admit that things started getting a bit boring in the bedroom. But just last month, out of the blue, she made me sit in the middle of the room while she turned on the CD player and slowly did a striptease. Every time I tried to grab her, she pushed my hand away and said, ‘No touching!’ After a few minutes of watching her gyrate, I thought I was going to explode. Come to think of it, I don’t even remember the song that was playing.”

All men are turned on by visual stimulation, so there’s nothing that your guy loves more than watching you do a striptease in front of him. If you want to give him a full lap dance, make sure you’ve practiced your moves in advance to avoid any booboos.

“I want to try this out on my hubby. I just hope he doesn’t laugh at me.”
- Christine, 25, medical representative

8. The “Clasp”

A hot new entry at number eight is this handy method of penile stimulation—the vaginal squeeze or “clasp.”

“Just as I’m about to come,” explains Harry, 31, a professor, “my girlfriend does this thing where she squeezes her vaginal muscles. It’s an amazing sensation. It feels like a hand is gripping me.” Though most men may not know the specific mechanics behind this move, a good number of women may recognize the “clasping” thing as a variation of the Kegel exercises. The said exercises involve the clenching and unclenching of the pubococcygeus muscle that surrounds the opening of the vagina. When applied at the appropriate moment, the “clasp” can intensify your man’s orgasm. Also known as “the handshake,” this is one move that will make him very pleased to meet you.

“This move’s easy enough to do and it’s a big plus that it makes my BF even hornier in bed.”
- Susan, 31, nurse

7. Mirror Image

All men—yes, even the ones with love handles and hairy backs—seem to relish the idea of watching themselves having sex. As Rob, 28, an advertising executive, reveals: “I just love being able to see everything going on and, most of all, being able to see my girlfriend’s face. I like having her face the mirror while I’m behind her.”

Of course, once they’re bored with mirrors, some men might whip out their video cameras and try to film their heated encounters with women. But then again, you have to be very careful about doing such a thing. If you’re not, somebody could get hold of the X-rated video and the next thing you know, you’re starring in your very own YouTube scandal.

“Mirrors are fine with me. It’s just much too dangerous to capture your most intimate moment on video.”
- Laura, 32, doctor

6. Do It Yourself

Rather than get offended when chicks take matters into their own hands, men get hot watching women pleasure themselves. It appeals to their voyeuristic side. Many—if not all—of them find it unbelievably sexy. “I once walked in on my girlfriend masturbating when she thought I was out of the apartment,” says Greg, 32, a doctor. “I’ve never been so turned on in my life.”

“I’d only let a man see me pleasuring myself once I’m super sure that I can trust him.”
- Michelle, 22, teacher

5. Down Under

For a lot of men, a blow job is the Rolls-Royce of sexual moves. You should never worry that you’re doing something wrong if he prefers it to be a precursor to sex—rather than the end-all and be-all of the encounter. In fact, some men admit that they found it hard to come through oral alone. Another useful piece of advice is this: Blow jobs are like chocolate; your guy may want a daily helping but they’re best enjoyed as a rare treat.

Jake, 31, an engineer, recalls the best blow job he ever got: “I went out with this girl who did this incredible move where she used both her hand and her mouth at the same time. I’m still not sure what was happening—all I know is that it felt amazing.”

“I like giving my guy oral sex because it makes me feel great that I can arouse him that much.”
- Pam, 27, nutritionist

4. The Magic Number

A surprise re-entry from this neglected classic, the 69. Guys love the idea of being able to give you oral pleasure while simultaneously returning the favor. However, unless you happen to be exactly the right height, doing it with one of you lying on top of the other can end up being a bit of a mouthful. So, try it lying side by side instead. That way, you can come up for air occasionally.

“What’s not to like?” asks Ben, 29, an architect. “Although it can sometimes be hard to concentrate on your own enjoyment when you’re busy giving someone else pleasure—or vice versa. Sooner or later, one of you has to lie back and just relax. I love it when my girlfriend suddenly stops giving me oral and just lies there moaning. For me, it’s like, ‘Yes, I’m doing something right!’”

“I enjoy this position occasionally. You know, it can be a bit challenging to multitask in bed.”
- Tina, 23, executive assistant

3. Power Undressing

Men don’t just want to get you naked as quickly as possible—they want to get you semi-naked as quickly as possible. Men love looking at women’s lingerie; it’s as simple as that. Most men would go crazy at the mere sight of black lace panties—especially if the object of their affection is wearing them. And remember, sometimes sexiness isn’t about what you take off but what you leave on.

“One of the things my wife does in bed that makes me really hot,” says Steve, 29, a physical therapist, “is when she keeps her bra on and, rather than taking off her panties, just pulls them to one side.”

“Sexy lingerie should be part of every woman’s wardrobe. It’s a very smart investment to make in the name of seduction.”
- Gina, 25, production assistant

2. Talk The Talk

Just missing out the top spot, it’s that old favorite—talking dirty. You don’t have to come up with anything too dirty to turn him on. Just tell him that you feel hot. Say what feels good and what you want him to do to you. Throw in a swear word if the mood takes you. Never be embarrassed about being loud in bed. Men are excited by a full-volume orgasm.

“Talking dirty adds to the naughtiness of the encounter. ”
- Connie, 27, stylist

1. Girls On Top

A surprise new entry at No. 1 reveals that a whole lot of men like it when women push them onto bed, straddle them, and “ride them hard.” Having you on top means that they get a full view of you in all your glory. For Matt, 27, a graphic artist, the best encounter he’s ever had was with his girlfriend on top. “She was kneeling on top of me with her legs on either side,” he recalls. “Then, I sat up and she moved her legs so she was sitting on me, rather than kneeling. The best thing was that we kept eye contact the whole time.”

“Now, this turn-on is truly beneficial to both parties! Women should really enjoy being on top more.”
- Sheryl, 33, accountant

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