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Top 15 Love & Lust Articles Of All Time!

We reveal the most popular pleasure-enhancing tips and tricks--plus a few revealing quizzes--ever seen on Take notes, ladies!

Cosmopolitan Philippines' 15th birthday bash may be over, but the celebration continues as we round up the top 15 most popular articles from different sections of! Last week, we presented the most popular sex positions from Cosmo Sutra's carnal collection, and as if that wasn't enough, this week we're turning up the heat by sharing the 15 most popular Love & Lust articles.

The Love & Lust section features tips and tricks for conquering your relationships, Cosmo girl-style, whether you're savoring the thrill of the initial dating stages or basking in the erotic bliss of bedroom sessions. Unsurprisingly, the topic that gets the most views is Mattress Moves--Cosmo-exclusive articles that offer you the most candid and informative advice on how to fully embrace your sensual and seductive side.

Launch the gallery to see the top 15 Love & Lust articles, based on our statistics. Tell us in the comments section which one you enjoyed the most!

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