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What Your Guy's Seduction Style Tells You About Him

Does he drop suggestive hints or does he wine and dine you? And what does it mean? We help you figure him out.
  1. He Playfully Pounces On You

    The man who, say, comes up behind you when you're prepping up is a take-charge, spontaneous guy. "He likes the rush of being the initiator," says Yvonne K. Fulbright, PhD, author of Touch Me There! Not in the mood? Just don't make him feel rejected. "If you are too harsh, he'll conclude that he has to tone down his passion, so tell him you'll be raring to go another time," she adds.

  2. He Gives You A Back Rub

    Consider this a two-for-one seduction. "Men respond more to visual things and women are more tactile, so a massage is his way of pleasing both of you," explains gender-communication expert Audrey Nelson, PhD, author of You Don't Say. "He's turning himself on by checking out your body while also making you feel good." This dude is into sensual delights, so return the favor with some stroking of your own.

  3. He Uses A Coy Line

    A lot of guys say things like "I'm tired...Let's go take a nap" or "Aren't you hot? You should take that shirt off" when attempting to get you into bed. "He's feeling you out, trying to see if you're game," explains Fulbright. "Most likely, he's making just enough effort in the hopes that you'll pick up where he left off." While it's totally fine to take the pressure off him occasionally, don't make it a habit or your guy will get lazy in the lust-seeking department.

  4. He Sets The Mood

    If he's the type who butters you up by lighting candles and putting on music, you're one lucky girl! "A man who goes the extra mile to create an atmosphere is sensitive and understands what makes women tick," says Nelson. "You can expect him to focus on pleasing you with a lot of foreplay." Although soft-and-sweet sex sessions are nice, if you want to get down and dirty sometimes, you may have to direct the action.
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