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Why Single Guys Want A Girlfriend

Single men give their coupled up pals a hard time for being "whipped." But the truth is, they secretly want their own honey, too. A real guy spills why.

Despite all the conventional wisdom dictating that guys believe bachelor life to be the best days of their lives, there’s something you should know: That’s actually crap.

We’re insanely jealous of our friends who have girlfriends, and it’s not just because of the available sex (although that’s part of it). It’s rough out there, trying to meet women. There’s always a hotter, buffer dude at the bar getting all the numbers. And even if you do score some interest, there’s still a 9-in-10 chance of being rejected before the first date.

So we think our bud who’s with a chick he digs—and who digs him back—has hit the jackpot. Even if we tell him he’s missing out on all the fun.

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