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This Trick Will Help You Take The *Best* Outfit Selfies Without A Tripod

how to take outfit selfies
PHOTO: (LEFT TO RGHT) Instagram/reigermar, Instagram/chiefilomeno

NGL, I've been thinking about how to post my daily outfit pics. Although I work from home, I make it a point to dress up in clothes I would usually wear in the office. When I put on cute clothes, I find that I'm more productive or my brain thinks I'm in work mode. As GGSS as it may seem, I like taking pics of my look and sharing it on my Insta. I'm proud of my pambahay chic outfits, LOL. Plus, dressing up is a form of creative outlet for me. 

I'm starting to get tired of mirror selfies and posing on my bed. I needed a new angle. Thankfully, David Suh from TikTok shared a trick on how I can capture my full outfit without a tripod or the help of someone else.

You only to rest your phone on the vehicle's tire and start posing! Taking it from below creates an angle that captures the whole outfit (including the shoes) and makes you look taller. You can also try any sturdy box or bottle as a sub for the car tire.


Here are some photos to show how the outfit selfie may look:

Rei Germar outfit selfie

Sue Ramirez outfit selfie
Instagram/sueannadoodlesChie Filomeno outfit selfie
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Watch the TikTok demo here:


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