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How To Wear Rain Boots The Whole Day

Stay cute and warm in stormy weather!
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Although the rainy season is the perfect time to wear waterproof boots, you usually end up removing them once you go indoors. TBH, you don't have to! Before you swap those wellies for your trusty pair of sneakers, check out these outfits that'll make rain boots wearable the whole day. 

Wear color with more color!

Bold colors can be paired with bolder patterns. Pair a solid-colored red boot with a white patterned rain jacket, perfect for standing out in gloomy weather!

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Color-coordinate with your boots!

Earthy tones don't have to be boring! Pair an olive green utility jacket with boots of a darker green shade. Mix it up with a striped cotton dress to serve as your outfit's focal pattern.

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Oversized jackets are your boots' best friends.

We treat rain boots as a last-ditch effort to remain dry during particularly stormy days, but that doesn't mean you need to be a ~*completely*~ lazy dresser in the process! Take a cue from Hailey Baldwin and pile on those layers! 

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Pair a floral dress with floral boots. 

Rules are meant to be broken and there's nothing wrong with pairing similar patterns with each other. Match a neutral-toned floral dress, like the one on Camille Co, with brighter floral boots.

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