9 Cute And Stylish Rubber Sandals To Get Now

Great for rainy days and more!

The rainy season calls for rain gear, and footwear-wise, boots may be a bit too much for some of us. Plus, it doesn't help that our tropical weather's perennially bipolar, yes?

And so we've found the middle-ground: rubber sandals. Great for walking down the just-cleared sidewalks in the city, it won't ever feel too hot wearing them, and the best part is that it's material is meant to repel water. Try our picks below:


    As comfy as your slippers at home, only that these styles are worth being seen out in. Also, don’t we always need a pair of rubber slides? 

    Our picks: Pick a trendy statement color (a shocking color or anything pastel!) or a white one with red and blue stripes.

    Baby blue slip-ons, P499, H2Ocean

    White slip-ons with stripes, P1,629, Kolca

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    Remember when our parents were *shookt* that we'd wear tsinelas to school or to the mall? Well, you're all grown up now, and mom won't probably freak out when she sees you wearing these sandals out of the house or even to work!

    Our picks: A minimalist white sandal is great to wear with your khakis, while the black one's a style that even lola will like.

    Chalk white sandal, P2,695, Zaxy

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    In case you didn't notice, pastels and cotton candy hues are back in season! Slowly ease into these baby-ish colors by starting with rubber footwear that you can wear both with your beach OOTD and your jeans-and-top look to the mall.

    Our picks: A mint green or aquamarine that's too cool for words. Plus points for the thick soles and back strap for extra support.

    Aquamarine sandal, P299, Otto

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    Mint green sandal, P4,995, Melissa

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    Add a pop of color... through your footwear. We're leaning towards these fruity pairs that scream Vitamin C. Consider it a healthy and ~essential~ addition to your wardrobe. *wink wink*

    Our picks: A sleek sunny yellow will look great with your jeans and tee, while the orange platform pair can make your gray trousers and white shirt a tad more interesting.

    Sunny yellow sandal, P1,795, Zaxy

    Burnt orange sandal, P3,495, Melissa

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    If you're in the mood for a non-practical purchase, go a bit crazy with these pairs. It's an easy way to level up any casual look. Trust us, you'll look forward to errand days with these.

    Our picks: A chunky, embellished pair (that's Avengers-inspired?) in cute lavender or thong sandals with woven straps that comes with a comfy insole made from actual yoga mat—which one do you like?

    Lavender embellished slip-ons, P2,299, OVS

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    Multi-colored thong sandals, P1,795, Sanuk

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