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This Hooters Waitress Is Going Viral For Her A-Cup To D-Cup Bra Hack

The transformation is ~*wow*~!
The Flathootersgirl TikTok bra hack
PHOTO: Tiktok/@theflathootersgirl

Hooters restaurant is famous for hiring well-endowed waitresses. So, it was a pleasant surprise when Hooters waitress,  Kirsten Songer shared her genius bra hack. She revealed on her Tiktok page that she's naturally an A-cup but she has ~*special tricks*~ that could make her look like she's got D-cup boobs!


Super spy, catfish, same difference. #super #spy #catfish #hooters #girls #thehootersway #server #chest #fy #22

? International Super Spy - Dylan ????????

In a separate TikTok video, Kirsten shared that she uses a padded bra from Amazon and silicone inserts to create the illusion of big boobs. She also contours her chest to emphasize the cups.

In an interview with Buzzfeed, Kirsten explained that the contour around the edge of the breasts creates the illusion of a shadow, that makes her boobs look even bigger. "All of this adds about two to three cups, depending on how well I do it," she said.


Answer to @becky_rodzc this tutorial was definitely more rushed than my last one bc I’m late for work but hopefully y’all find this helpful! #hooters

? original sound - Kirsten :)

Buzzfeed also reported that Kirsten is a 22-year-old magna cum laude from the University of South Carolina and is planning to start medical school next year. When asked how she prepared for her Hooters interview, she said she didn't do any bra hacks but just wore a loose sweater.

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She also divulged that some people have called her insecure making her boobs look bigger. "I want people to know that I don’t do this because I am unhappy with my chest or my appearance; I don't use this outside of work. I do this solely to help my tips and help cater to my audience. I am transparent about it on TikTok—it’s not like I am trying to fool everyone," she explained to Buzzfeed.

TBH, we shouldn't assume one is insecure just because they do things to change how their body looks. Plus, there is no need for ANYONE to explain why they're making their boobs look bigger—your body, your rules!

H/t: Buzzfeed

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