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Where To Buy The Initial Diamond Ring Your Favorite Influencers Have Been Wearing

PHOTO: Instagram/byseptemberph

Here at, we're all about accessorizing—whether that be in the form of layering necklaces, stacking bracelets, or curating earrings for our multiple piercings. Our latest obsession, however, comes in the form of ~*minimalist*~ rings. Whether you wear them alone or stack them up, they're sure to prettify your OOTD and manicure!

While we have written a list of the best Instagram shops that sell minimalist rings, we're here to add another one to the list. Introducing: By September, an Instagram jewelry shop owned by Rei Germar and her boyfriend Migy Romulo. If you've been lurking on Rei or Ry Velasco's Insta profiles and past vlogs, you might have spotted them wearing dainty initial diamond rings from the brand. Keep on reading to know more about them!


What is the Initial Dot Diamond ring from By September?

It is an open band with a letter on one end and a 0.07 diamond on the other that *isn't* plated. It is made with pure 14k gold.


How much is the Initial Dot Diamond ring from By September?

Each ring costs P9,500, but this still depends on the size of the ring. Each piece is handmade, so expect to wait around 30 to 35 days for your order. They offer both nationwide and international shipping.

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How do I order the Initial Dot Diamond ring from By September?

You can order the Initial Dot Diamond ring by filling up the order form that they post per batch. They only offer limited slots, so make sure to follow them on Instagram and set an alarm so you won't miss it!


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