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Cosmo Closet: Your Online Shopping Partner!

Check out Cosmo’s wardrobe picks monthly in this fun fashion tool for trendy choices you can mix and match.

Don’t you just love Alicia Silverstone’s high-tech closet in Clueless, where she simply selects outfits off the computer? Well, Cosmo brings you a tad closer to that experience with its online fashion tool, Cosmo Closet!

If you love window shopping and buying at least one item to update your wardrobe with each month, you’ll enjoy getting a little pre-malling help. In The Closet, we pick out pieces that are so hot for the month—all from your favorite shopping haunts—in prices that fit your budget to a tee. And you can see the selections and their prices, plus mix and match them and get the total outfit cost with just a few clicks!

While unlike Alicia, you’ll actually have to head for the malls armed with a printout of the outfit you put together in The Closet (yes, you can print out as many outfits as you like and even save them in your MyCOSMO profile!), the tool is a big help in cutting down your selection time.

Enter our pretty virtual wardrobe for the trendiest outfits for every style and occasion. Click through a vast selection of outerwear, tops, dresses, skirts, pants, shorts, and accessories to aid you in coming up with the prefect ensemble that you can mix and match on the Cosmo mannequin. Select categories and items by clicking on them, and click on the arrows to view more items. Click on the “Clear” item if you want to remove it from the ensemble and replace it with another.

You can even view the whole look from different angles by clicking on the arrows at the bottom of the mannequin. And with the brand, description, and price displayed for every item, money savvy girls can compute the total amount of the chosen outfit for easy budget estimation.

Enter the Cosmo Closet to see our collection this month—our first! Watch for our September collection, coming real soon, too!

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