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Here's How You Can Turn An Old T-Shirt Into A Sexy Backless Top *Without* Sewing

Here's another thrift-flip project!
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We've got great news: You have the ~*power*~ to upgrade an old clothing item without spending money! Welcome to the world of thrift flipping or upcycling, where you transform boring pieces into cooler clothes that fit your size and aesthetic. This movement is becoming more popular, and we're totally here for it. It saves moolah, and it is better for the environment.

For today's thrift-flip activity, we'll teach you how can turn a boring, oversized tee into a sexy halter crop top without sewing. Scroll down to see the complete instructions.

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How to Create A "No-Sew" Halter Top from Old T-shirt

The procedure is pretty straightforward—you don't need to be a graduate of fashion school to pull it off. All you need are sharp scissors and a measuring tape. We bet you can finish this project in 30 minutes.

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  1. Cut the sleeves diagonally to create a halter neckline. You can fold the tee in half to ensure that both sides are even.
  2. Then, cut the edge of the tee to score your desired cropped length. (Tip: Put on the shirt first to determine how much fabric needs to go.)
  3. Get rid of the back portion, leaving the collar and enough cloth for the tie.
  4. Snip both the collar and the fabric at the hem into two—and you're done!

If you're more of a visual learner here are two video tutorials: One is a bite-sized clip and the other is a complete step-by-step video. 

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DIY halter top (no sewing)

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