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Real Girl Fashion: What's The Most Revealing Outfit You Ever Wore?

Skin is in, as Cosmo celebrates beauty and body love. We asked some Cosmo chicks about their outfits that revealed the most flesh. Tell us about yours!

If you've got great skin and you love your body--no matter what shape it is--flaunt it! That's one of the main messages we've been trying to drive across all August, which to Cosmo is all about beauty and body.

Once in a while, you do need to celebrate your skin by letting it show! You have your own definition of "revealing clothes," depending on how far you are willing to go. So, at the fashion show of the online clothing store Jaciendera, owned by Cosmo-Pond's Intern winner Yen Pomida, we asked the girls in attendance: "What is the most daring outfit you've ever worn?"

Incidentally, the theme of the collection was all about baring skin--as you would see on some of the models clad in Jaciendera's latest collection when you launch the gallery.

Find out how far your fellow Cosmo chicks would go when it comes to daring to bare skin, and answer our Style Paparazzi question of the week, too, when you comment!

Visit Jaciendera's Multiply site and check out their newest collection by clicking on this link!

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