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Shoe Gallery: Walk Away In Killer Heels

To columnist Bianca Valerio, haute heels are more than just a fashion statement. They allow you to walk away from failed relationships in style.

One of the main reasons we find ourselves afraid of walking away from a relationship is we are reluctant to face change. We fear the unknown that the future brings. So, even if it means we must put up with unhappiness for the other person, we convince ourselves that being with someone is better than being with no one.

Well, while you figure out how to make the exit you've been contemplating a reality, we suggest you treat yourself to fab shoes that are ultimate confidence boosters. These fierce high heels might make you realize you deserve more than a lackluster relationship--and make you feel better about your decision to leave. Walk away in style with killer shoes!

You deserve to feel better--treat yourself to retail therapy when you need it most. Launch the gallery to see some gorgeous heels that are made for walking tall and proud!

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