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You've Probably Been Wearing The Wrong Bra Size All Your Life—Here's How To Get The Right One

Your boobs will thank you.
How To Get Right Bra Size
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I'm hyper-aware that a lot of us are neglecting the bras we once wore every day when we went to work five days a week. Those who are lucky enough to work from home are either into bralettes or have completely set their boobs free. Nevertheless, the truth bomb I'm about to drop will forever be relevant: Knowing your right bra size will change your life.

It's unfortunate that most women have been wearing the wrong bra size for years. It's just one of those things that we really don't think about, but it's a constant element in our lives. We just assume that underwires digging in our rib cages is normal. We settle because we're busy worrying about bigger issues. But, believe me. getting the right fit is ~everything~.

Below, find out the life-changing reasons to get a size update and how to correctly measure your boobs at home.


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  1. You'll feel more comfortable.

    Straps that dig in, spilling boobs on the cups, bands that suffocate your rib cage—these are just some of the things that happen when you're wearing the wrong size. The right brassiere will provide comfort and support.

    How To Get Right Bra Size
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  2. Your clothes will look better on you.

    The right bra will hug and lift your boobs. Plus, it can help smoothen out the contours of your back and chest, making every outfit look extra flattering. The fabric of your top will beautifully drape your body like an expensive silk robe.

    How To Get Right Bra Size

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  3. You'll become more confident.

    When you don't feel choked by your bra and you see that your clothes look better, your self-confidence will skyrocket.

    BTW, while we're on this topic, we'd like to remind you that size labels don't define how beautiful you are. Whether you're considered flat-chested or big-busted in this society, your body is worth loving.

    How To Get Right Bra Size
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How to Get Your Correct Bra Size

This video teaches you how to get your right bra size. Basically, you need to measure the band size at the underbust and the cup size at the fullest part of your chest. You must take down these measurements while standing up, lying down, and bending over. Then, you have to plug in the deets in this bra size calculator to see size recommendations. This method is a 3D measurement approach that ensures accurate sizing.

(Ed's note: Just to be sure, fit the bras before buying just to assess if they're really a good fit. All boobs are unique, so you should get one that really suits YOU.)


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